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[NSW] CÎROC Vodka $30, 23rd Street Gin $40, Pinkster Gin $30 (In-Store Only) @ Liquorland (Broadway)


Edit: Just checked - they're all gone. Delete?
Edit Edit: Apparently it's back on with a pallet of CÎROC out back. Limited to this store only. See comments for source.
Edit Edit Edit: All three available as of 18/8. New delivery arrived apparently.

Outrageously overpriced CÎROC vodka at $30 a pop. Boxes of it available. They are displayed out the front at the checkout. Gin is in the locked cupboard - guy said there was more out back. May or may not still be any left, but at this price it's worth checking. Total steal - all of them approx half the usual price.

Good luck!

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    23rd Street Gin is amazing and probably my favourite gin right now. I still have a box of minis from the 200ml deal but this is even better. Proper cork on bottle.

    Pinkster is SUPER peppery. That was surprising. Way less raspberry than I thought. Major pepper. But I like pepper, so that's a win.

    Ciroc I haven't tried. But it's vodka. Fancy vodka. So it's probably okay.

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      gin and vodka may not be answer to all of life's problems…

      ..but it is always worth a shot

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        These are the comments that make ozbargain comments sections worthwhile.

        But yeah I hope it's worth about a hundred shots. I have so much booze right now. I still have like 4 bottles from the ebay plus/dan murphy thing.

        • Lol.

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    Ciroc is delicious. Too bad I'm not in Sydney or I'd pick up a few bottles.

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    Will other liquorlands match the price if we show them the receipt?

  • Keeping this up unless it's deleted in case the receipt can be price matched somehow or that this stretches to other stores.

    The guy actually said they are going to keep ordering it and selling at this price, so it might come back.

    But yeah - these don't last long when they are up front and centre like they were. But so many people were weirdly oblivious in store buying booze and walking straight past what is an insane deal. The guy said that people were buying it by the box that knew about it - but there was still a mountain left last time I was there. Someone cottoned on.

  • I visited this morning (10.08.20) The guy said it was exclusively to this store, and available in store only.
    He said he had a pallet of ciroc in the back with more arriving.
    Not sure re the find I'm afraid.

    • Holy crap - so it's back?!? How is this even at thing? He did say he was going to order more…

      Did you grab any?

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    Good news, a new shipment just came in today. All 3 varieties are available.

    • I am so tempted to get more 23rd street. Polished off a bottle of ciroc the other night. Vodka is vodka and all, but it did what it was meant to.

      Thanks for posting!

  • Looks like prices are back up. Went yesterday.

    • Yeah they said til the end of the month and here we are. It was an amazing special and I am genuinely surprised how little traction it got on here. I will always question whether 10x ciroc and 5x gin was enough. But there's always another special on, at some point :-P