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[Factory Second] Tontine Farmhouse 500GSM Organic Cotton Cover Wool Quilt Queen $67.15 Delivered @ Dhimanvinod eBay



Premium organic cotton cover
500GSM Australian Wool
Ideal for allergy sensitive sleepers
Suitable for colder months.
Made in Australia
Size Information: Queen 210 x 210cm

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  • No deals on singles?


    Sorry no singles or Doubles in stock with organic cotton cover, near match would be below
    Thank You

  • They're new?

    • These Australian made wool quilts are brand new and made in Tontine's state of the art factory in Melbourne but got slight imperfections such as missed stitch, twisted binding, however these minor faults don't affect the functionality of the quilt, you won't know the difference once quilt is inside the quilt cover. RRP for these quilts between $199.95 to $299.95. Quilts don't come in retail packaging and packed in clear plastic bags. We have priced them to clear.

      They say RRP but Tontine are often discounted to 50%. But still a good bargain.

      • Yeah, Spotlight have these for $125 for a queen at the moment.

        But $79 is still a lot less than $125, I couldn't give a toss about imperfections and I need a new quilt. So I'm ordering!

      • think twice be4 u make the purchase

        im done arguing with the meaning of "FACTORY SECOND".
        Regardless they ar customer returned (used) or not,
        here is what they sending out;

        Upon opening the package something just doesn’t feel right. For starters there is no clear labelling of the manufacturer as well as the material. There are only about three words on the single attached label. “Second quilts queen”. Along with a simple caring instructions.
        Secondly the measurement I took was appx. 215x230 It just doesn’t fit my standard queen quilt cover.

        doesn't matter in what or whos definition,
        "FACTORY SECOND" will not remove the company's label and put something else in.
        also Australian made quilts won't have uk size.

        this seller is dodgy.

        lol neg me straightaway, clearly someone don't want ppl know the truth

        • Dodgy because there’s no label? It’s a factory second, it does need to have the labels. Same with factory second clothing etc.

          Aren’t you the person who kept saying these were used? Why are you back attacking OP?

          Ps this is what this guy said last time.

          in order to restock it tontine need to sanitize it first, or they will get sue if their customers catch any skin disease.
          too much trouble for doing that so they came up with a better idea, just pass them to a 3rd company and sell them as "Factory Second".
          if anything bad happened that 3rd company could take the blame.

          • @Phil22: Dodgy because "factory second" should be stopped QC and by the time it gets to QC it should be labeled and ready to sale.
            all factory second ar labeled by the original, no exception.

            Aren’t you the person who kept defending OP no matter how ridiculous he sound ?
            oh u ar the second "associated", i remember u now.

            edit: as i said im done arguing with the meaning of "FACTORY SECOND".
            ppl like u could trolling with this.

            BUT u can't get away with the labeling, there is not "FACTORY SECOND" without brand's label.

            • @samelight: Anyone who wants to understand the credibility of this guy, just read what he said about the previous quilt that was posted. Quite shocking, and fruitless to argue with. Have a good night buddy.


              • @Phil22: once again !
                im done arguing with the meaning of "FACTORY SECOND" !!

                u keep trying trolling me with that argument won't change the fact that now here is someone actually bought one and found out there is
                no Tontine label
                no wool label
                not Australia standard size

                my credibility is way better then u mr.associated

                and btw don't use ur accounts to like ur own comments,
                only use them to neg me,
                last time u make it too obvious.

        • Umm, just to be clear, you havent bought one and are only going by one persons comment on a previous thread…?

          • @JuryWheel: OP didn't reply to that ONE person's accusation,
            even i mentioned so many times and OP still haven't reply to this person on this accusation,
            obvious enough right ? what more do u want ?!

        • @samelight, I think the neg was unwarranted, so I gave you an upvote to offset :)

    • Edit: comment deleted as someone beat me with the description

  • Super King?

  • IM using some cheap ikea one and freezing at night I think its synthetic so I'm also buying it

    • i suggest u read this first
      no Tontine label
      no wool label
      not Australia standard size
      whats the different between this and the cheap ikea one?
      becoz OP told u they ar Tontine's wool ?



        All quilts have Tontine care labels, stating size & Filling Wool, Made in Australia.
        Thank You

        • then why didn't you confront to the person who made this accusation ??
          u didn't reply to this at all !

    • We’ve just got a bunch of ikea cheap Doonas, and some grey sheets, and made a good set of thermal insulation curtains to create a snug. They also make good blankets for when you are watching telly because they wash and dry fairly quickly. Just some ideas for repurposing the old doona.

  • Unfortunately we are in lockdown now but I’ve bought a few things from the Tontine seconds store in Melbourne and they have always been in good order and quite reasonable prices.

  • I bought a queen one from a few weeks back. Not sure what i expected, but for a "super warm" doona it was very light and very cold. I went back to the woolen one from catchoftheday…

    • I was concerned that a 500gsm was going to be too heavy and thick for melbourne all year round. Sounds like it might be ok!


    More stock came in today, stock updated!

    Thank You

  • Dam this was cheaper and actual product (not factory seconds) 10 dollar shipping..
    was 69 dollars before now 75


  • Purchased, I'm [email protected]#$%ng freezing at the moment…

  • Got mine, would definitely buy again…