Price drop on Sony WH-1000XM3 any time soon?

The XM4s have just come out, and there was a flash sale (possible pricing mistake) where the XM3s were sold for 259. currently you can purchase the xm3s for 329 through ebay using afterpay. as someone who doesnt really know much about electronics sales what are the chances of a <$300 price drop any time soon?


  • It'll fluctuate depending on retailers. The XM4s currently RRP $550 so no rush to discount XM3s below $300.

  • Yes anytime soon
    Just wait. Keep checking ozb till you see it.

  • I checked with the store and the $259 was a mistake. Maybe they thought they were listing the Sony WHXB900NB

  • Maybe low 300s in December for Xm3s. AA had them for $311. They seem to be on a holding pattern for price, Oh there are also refurb versions which could be an option front Sony Store when available.

  • Black Friday