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[eBook] Free: "Fire Stick: How To Unlock The True Potential Of Your Fire Stick" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


This guidebook is going to take some time to talk about how the Amazon Fire Stick works and what all you are able to do with it. We discuss how to get the Fire Stick hooked up, how to watch movies and television shows, how to watch some of your favorite music, how to bring in personal media that you created somewhere else and even how to use the Fire Stick as a way to watch some of your own photos and personal videos.

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  • +17

    No thank you … I already know the Potential of my fire stick !

  • +2

    My fire stick is hot enough as it is, but why not if it's free list of 101 tips and tricks.

  • +11

    I set my stick on fire once, did not unlock any hidden potential. Would not recommend 0/10.

  • Does it tell you how to find the app search function on the bloody thing…?

    • -1

      Scroll left instead of right on the main screen top menu bar thing.

      • From what I've read that doesn't work when you're logged into an AU account. For the record I didn't neg you.

        • All good I have a US one

  • US link is not a link

  • +3

    Don't own a fire stick. Not entire sure what a fire stick is. But the book is free so I did the correct ozbargain thing and added it to my library anyway.

    • My fire stick actually looks a bit bigger after reading this book. My wife says do anyway.

  • +5

    Firestick is the greatest thing I've ever bought for my TV. Kayo, Optus Sport and Cinema HD all in one easy to use device. Easy to navigate and portable.

    • Next to Rpi with Kodi that is.. afaik I can't stream local content with the firestick. And the RPi is getting into trouble playing files above 1080p

    • How do you get kayo on firestick?

      • +1

        It can be sideloaded pretty easily - Google how to sideload apks and download the kayo apk…works great!!

  • Just wish they had the 4k version here - that you don't have to do weird stuff with to get it to work (or permanently connect via a VPN to the US…)

    And thanks OP :)

    • hi RichardSydney

      I'm using a 4k firetv stick in Oz, without VPN…. seems to work fine… I mostly use Netflix & plex though


      • Does the Alexa (?) search thing work for you, through the remote?

        • Works well for me!

          • @ModiWar: I might have to look at getting one then (currently only have the Basic), although also thinking about waiting for the Google Sabrina

            • @RichardMelbourne: I've been waiting for google Sabrina and then recently got tired of waiting and was gonna get the fire stick 4k and then realised it wouldn't work in Australia.

              So it is now working in Australia?

      • +1

        Same here. 4k fire stick works well. No VPN Use it for Netflix, Prime (OZ version) ABC Iview, Kayo, YouTube etc. Works well.
        (most apk`s side loaded of course) Only thing which wont work so far is sbs on demand.

        • When you sideload, they won't be updated automatically, will they?

        • Did you have to sideload the AUS prime video apk?
          The native prime seems to be stuck on the US version and sideloading was the only way I could get it to work

  • +1

    "this is my rifle, this is my fire stick…"

  • a book on how to install kodi lmao

  • Ooga booga

  • US link still working

  • If someone tells you that lighting your stick on fire will make it grow back bigger, don't believe them.

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