Costco Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Laundry Pacs - Reviews?

This product is currently on Hot Deals at $36.99 for the 152 pack, see:

That works out at about 24c per wash - which seems fairly reasonable. The single wash pacs also look handy. Just wondering if the product is any good.
Has anyone here used it and would recommend it?

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  • Has anyone here used it and would recommend it?

    I've used them overseas and really liked them…… Toss in cloths, toss in pod, turn the machine on. In great USA style, it was in some mega USA top loader that used about 5000l of water per wash.

    Fast forward, I got some back in Australia and WOW I found them a little overpowering scent wise in my front loader. So yeah wouldn't be buying them again sadly for use back here.

    YMMV, if you like nice scented clothes, then these are for you. Its also costco, you can return them if you don't like it. I forgot to take them back and then time went by, so now just them in the wash from time to time.

  • We use them. Initially they seem strongly scented but I don't anymore. Seems to keep the washing machine from getting whiffo too.

    They do a good job we find. During the last coronavirus shutdown I got another brand and was happy to return to the Kirkland product.

  • I currently use it and like the smell but also use a softener so the detergents scent is covered up a bit. Would recommend it.