Optus Ultra Wi-Fi Modem any good?

Hi guya, just wondering is Optus latest ultra WiFi modem with 4g back up any good?


The other question is, can you resell them?cs other use it with other ISP? Thanks


  • It's a gigantic block - how "good" it is depends on what you need it to do.
    Good network management - No.
    Good Heater - Yes

    You cannot resell these they remain the property of optus.

    • The FAQ indicates that you pay for the modem throughout the lifetime of your contract ($7 a month for the modem but you also get a $7 credit), and if you break the contract early then you have to pay out the remaining costs of the modem. I can't see how Optus can claim to own it if you are actually paying for it.

      However, whether or not it works elsewhere or actually has any resell value is a different matter altogether.

      • Same as the Fetch box you can get from Optus - you are renting the thing not buying it - they are coded to Optus.

        You could probably use it for other ISP there is nothing stopping you from setting it up to connect to a different account - but if you reset it, it defaults to Optus settings. They send me the free one which is exactly the same as this one less the LTE modem.

        If your on NBN just use any router - you don't need the Optus one.

        • I'm not familiar with the Fetch box contract system that Optus has in place; I'm just saying it's a bit odd if it remains property of Optus (therefore I guess you have to return it) but still have to pay out the remaining cost if you cancel your contract, especially given the info pages don't mention anything about renting it. A moot point for me at least, since I have no interest in signing up.

          As I said originally, I completely understand that you wouldn't want to (or may not even be able to) use it elsewhere, more questioning the ownership of it.

  • In another question, how is Optus these days? Still slow during peak?

  • It's ok. Wifi strenght is pretty good and is fast.

    Only issue I have with it is that you can't set up a Guest wifi access.

    Can't use old (but better) ADSL router as it doesn't have 4G backup.

  • Just got today but the 4G & Signal Strength lights are off on modem front panel yet is enabled in the menu. Sim is seated correctly in the back. Anyone else have an issue with 4g backup part?

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