Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste - Anyone Experienced Health Problems?

Hi Ozbargainers,

I just bought this toothpaste for the first time since it was on sale.

Colgate Advanced Whitening Fluoride Whitening Toothpaste with Microcleansing Crystals Whiter Teeth in 14 Days 190g

It has already been shipped out then I’ve decided to check out its reviews. It seems like a lot of people are complaining that they are having ulcers and burning throats from this product. I was wondering if anyone has ever used this toothpaste before since the reviews on were awful yet pretty good on Amazon.

If it helps, I bought the “whitening” version (aka not the tartar control version).

Thanks for any feedback.


  • It's fine as a toothpaste but don't expect any discernible whitening. If you want whitening, get a toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide (but don't expect miracles).

    • I’m more afraid of the fact that it might cause ulcers or burning throats. As long as it’s fine as a regular toothpaste I’m okay with it, thanks a lot for your reply :)

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    just don't swallow mate

  • I've used it previously and it's fine as a toothpaste but makes no real difference for teeth colour. If you really want white teeth, get it done professionally. Costs more but it's guaranteed.

  • we use this and other Colgate products, never had any issue with burning or ulcers…
    remember, a lot of reviews for any product etc are from people that have had an issue, most people that have a good experience generally dont leave reviews.

    and others have said, do not swallow toothpaste.
    Ever see people with white tips to their front teeth, thats from (as a kid) too much toothpaste being swallowed (at least, thats s one cause that I'm aware of).

    • the white on the teeth can be from too much sugar as a kid (fairly likely), too much fluoride (ie eating a LOT of toothpaste), growing up with a low immune system, sleeping with mouth open, not brushing…

      • yeah, true, a number of possible various causes.
        too much toothpaste being swallowed, which kids do, is one of the causes.
        lets say someone i know whos kid does not get a lot of lollies, basically only from kids parties, no sugary/fizzy drinks, brushes appropriately.
        Having a chat one day and they said the dentist said the likely cause was swallowing too much toothpaste when younger.
        this is the adult front teeth, when they grew through, they had white tips.

  • Is that you Kevin McAllister?

  • Regularly used this one - felt like it did next to nothing, and also no burning or ulcers

    Colgate Optic (red tube) and WhiteGlo felt like they actually worked a little (a lot more than that tube you bought), but still very minor compared to professional whitening

  • Have used for years with 0 issues.
    Doesn't whiten teeth though, get peroxide for that

  • It's not the best. I ate three entire tubes in one sitting and although I didn't get ulcers and a burning throat like you mentioned my stomach did feel a little bit funny.

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