Is There a Way to Get a New Number without Paying for Recharging?

most of the sim cards now require recharge is there any that doesnt or is there a way to get around ?


  • If you're OK to spend $5, then the Aldi $5 sims have $5 pre-loaded credit, which is valid for 365 days if you choose pay-as-you go.

    When you activate the sim, the website will ask for a new payment method to put in an immediate additional $15 minimum recharge, but you can Cancel this & not put in any payment method, and you won't have to pay anything more than the $5.

  • Get a Optus $2 sim, activate it, select $10 recharge option, when it asks for payment, choose CC and enter any wrong card details 3 times, after 3rd attempt it allows to proceed without recharge.

  • I thought Telstra Prepaid can still be activated without a recharge?

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