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[PC] Mirror's Edge for $1.99 @ GOG.com


get this great game with super low price at 1.99 AUD

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  • Excellent price for one of the most beautiful games ever made

  • Great game.

  • Bloody fantastic game. Gets a bit bogged down when it tries to be a FPS because the shooting just isn't that good, but the core running / jumping / parkour type thing is awesome.

    • If I recall correctly the shooting is meant to be very secondary and the game can be completed without shooting any people (in fact, there's an achievement for doing so)

      • There's one part where you have to shoot someone but that doesn't break the achievement thankfully. Since this is an older title it probably doesn't have any achievements on GOG anyway though.

    • I actually liked the shooting parts when I played. I thought it was bad-ass, and a cool change of pace.
      My opinion is not a popular one it seems

  • Found it highly overrated (played on PS3).. Was close to the end but couldn't be bothered finishing it.

  • I used to play this game so much, it has good replayability. Would definitely recommend picking it up from GOG, unless Steam puts it on sale

  • If i purchase this, do i get a key or is it automatically in your library?

  • This reminds me to finish my xbox360 copy

  • Amazing game. gave my younger self a really good adrenaline rush.

  • Great game. Wish they’d made sequels to it after 2… I’d have gladly played them over the crappy assassins creed crap

    • I loved the original, but didn't like the sequel at all. I really didn't see any reason to go to an open world structure apart from the fact that it's the fashionable thing that everybody else is doing. It certainly didn't benefit the game in any way. I would have been happy for a more carefully designed, hand-crafted set of levels like the first one, just with less shooting and more parkouring.

  • Played this game 6 times over and currently doing my 7th atm. It is a gorgeous game with great longevity. The graphics still look amazing now, the sounds are crisp and while the storyline isn't that interesting, the environments are so fascinating and detailed.

  • Got nauseous watching the trailer, old age is catching up.

    • I have the same problem. Motion sickness. This is the reason why they show disclaimer before any games begin that one might suffer frommotion sickness and some even seisures etc. Taking ginger candy is supposed to make it better, but I am yet to try that :)

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    Would be great if I didn't get motion sickness

    • Have you tried it? The reason I ask is that I also sometimes get motion sickness from games, and this was one that I was certain I would, but I didn't. I tried the demo on PS3 back in the day, which gave me the confidence to buy the full game. I'd give that a try (not sure if there was a PC demo or if it's still available if there was), you might be surprised.

      • I haven't but I watched the trailer back in the day and I got really sick, having said that watching instead of playing can also be very different.

        • One thing I think helped a lot was that the game has a little reticule in the centre of the screen. Basically just a small dot, but I think that fixed point may actually help a bit with preventing motion sickness in games. I'm not sure if that was present in the trailer or not.

      • increase ur fov, this eliminates motion sickness….

      • I just watched the trailer, and I too felt a bit of motion sickness. I didn't feel this when playing though. I think the full-screen and high-framerate helps.

  • Does GOG require a launcher ?

  • Ah I remember spending hours getting world record runs in this game. Wanting to pick it back up now thanks!

  • I got the sequel but honestly never finished it, the original is the better game

  • I remember getting this for $3 ten years ago at a GAME store. It’s not the best game, with some pretty garbage design, but at least it tried something new.