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[VIC] $6.90 Salmon, Barramundi, Flake & Rockling Portions. $8.50 Blue Swimmer Crab - Free Delivery >$120 @ Melb Seafood Market


Hello Oz Bargain!! We are now delivering to Geelong, Surf Coast, Ballarat, Bendigo, Hume & Mitchell Shire, Mornington and Gippsland!!

Free Delivery on all orders over $120

We have for you our promo code for 10% OFF total end bill (OZBARGAIN) also,

$6.9 120g portions of Australian Salmon,Barramundi, Flake & Rockling (5 portion minimum)

  • Barra Whole filletes 900g - 1kg $38.9
  • Rockling Whole filletes 900g - 1kg $38.9
  • Flake Whole filletes 900g - 1kg $27.9

$12.9 Australian Blue Swimmer Crab or $8.5 each if you buy 10

$30/kg Whole Australian Cooked Prawns or ($25/kg if you buy 5kg / $22.9/kg if you buy 10kg) - Raw Available!

$28.5/kg for Whole Raw Bugs or ($24/kg if you buy 5kg / $20/kg if you buy 10kg) - Half Cut Available!

$38.8/kg for large (2kg) Atlantic Salmon Skin on Sahimi grade or only $29.9/kg if you buy 10kg! - Skin Off Available!

25% OFF Sea Cucumber - h廕ξ s璽m (WHILE STOCK LASTS)

Please check out delivery locations prior to ordering

Thank You


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    Here for the roasting for mispelling "Bargin"

    • HAHA Thank you, we have corrected now 不不不不

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    $28.5/kg for Whole Raw Bugs

    Bugs ????

    • +1

      Moreton bay bags I presume

    • crunchy yet satisfying
      Here you go :) Bugs

      • crunchy yet satisfying

        Greater variety here…

        • Each to their own :)

          But no denying the supposedly high protein levels in those little critters

  • the code doesn't work, only save $0.60 not 10%.

    • Let me look into this

    • Sorry I have found the problem
      The code had been set to one product by default, the issue has been fixed for you

  • " $6.9 120g portions of Australian Salmon"

    So around $67 per kilo?

    Is the "$38.8/kg for large (2kg) Atlantic Salmon Skin on Sahimi grade" lower quality than the Australian Salmon?

    • Hello it is Australian Salmon from Tasmanian Huon

      • Thank you. However I was wondering where the price difference comes from between the Australian Salmon and the Atlantic Salmon. Is Atlantic Salmon not as good as Australian Salmon, despite being Sashimi Grade?

        (My above maths is incorrect, as the Australian Salmon is $57 per kilo.)

        • +1

          I was wondering the same thing. $57 is quite a fair way above even the supermarket selling Australian salmon.

          • @dufflover: The price is portion cost per Kilogram we do provide extremely cheaper rates if you buy whole fillets or the whole fish :)

        • +1


          Sorry, they are the same fish (Atlantic Australian Salmon from Tasmania), sorry for your confusion.
          They are both sashimi-grade fish and can be eaten raw, the cost difference comes from prep cost (filleting and portioning) and wastage to be exact

  • +3

    Not much of a bargain for me as my local seafood shop is much cheaper than this.
    Despite free delivery it still doesn't justify the price difference.

    For example Atlantic Salmon skin on Sashimi grade = $38.8Kg..
    my local joint is $33.99/Kg.

    • +1

      It's About freshness

      Our Salmon comes in every morning from Tasmania and is sashimi grade and can be eaten raw.
      It is out of water for no more than 24 hours before it is filleted and sent to your door :)

      • -3

        Our Salmon comes in every morning from Tasmania

        Isn't it Atlantic salmon?

        • Hello

          Yes the salmon from Tasmania is Atlantic

        • "Atlantic" refers to the species which is named after its origin.

          Here in the Pacific, they are farmed. Any wild specimen is considered a pest.

          • @DisabledUser88699:

            Here in the Pacific, they are farmed.

            Why not just catch "Pacific" Salmon here, they are supposed to be healthier…

            • @jv: Australian Native Salmon are smaller in size and not as flavoursome as the Atlantic or King Ora

            • @jv: Taste like crap. Or carp.

              I'm not sure which is worse.

                • @jv: Yeah. I've had numerous people try to change my mind on carp and I'm a very open minded. (I hunt and fish so I've eaten a big variety.)

                  Some people can taste the mud in the fish, others cannot. If you're unlucky enough to have the tastebud for mud, carp is not a fish you can ever eat.

      • I thought it was standard to freeze sashimi grade salmon to remove parasites

        • -1

          It doesn't remove them, it freezes them.

          You like to eat frozen parasites?

        • Subfreezing is a technique used by some farmers around the world but is a cheaper and less evolved way of insuring the fish has no parasites when consuming raw. At Huon, they pride themselves on having vets who administer Holistic antibiotic feed over their life cycle before they are harvested in fresh parasite-free waters. As well as regulating the way they move through their life cycle to ensure you can have fresh sashimi grade salmon that hasn't been frozen before.

          • -1

            @Melb Seafood Market:

            antibiotic feed over their life cycle

            Antibiotics… no thanks…

            • +3

              @jv: Sorry did I miss out Holistic in front of Antibiotics?

  • +7

    Anyone else think $57.50/kg for Australian Salmon, Barramundi, Flake or Rockling sound really expensive?

    • +1

      These are our portions, you can buy by the kilogram which is in the $30's

      • +3

        I see. From a buyers perspective, I think advertising fillets would be better than the portions. $30/kg is better than $57/kg. Just my two cents of advice from someone who wants to support Australian businesses.

        • Thank you

          I have added that to the edits :)

    • https://www.melbourneseafoodmarket.com/product-page/fresh-fl...

      $27.9 for flake by the kilogram :)
      $38.9 Barra and rockling

    • absolutely

    • +1

      come on, it's in Melbourn. What if you don't have any seafood store or decent supermarket within 5km.

  • +1

    As per the OP, check your location to confirm if delivery is available to your location, and if additional delivery charges apply.
    Not all locations in the listed council/shire areas are offered.

    • Hello

      we can provide a full list of delivery area as smaller towns on the route are not listed but can be delivered to. If you have any questions you can email us and we can check for you :) [email protected]

  • "$12.9 Australian Blue Swimmer Crab or $8.5 each if you buy 10"

    Are you able to give us the average weight? 500g? 300g? Saying it's medium size makes it a bit hard to compare value.

    • Hello
      They are currently 300g (winter)
      Then in summer, we get Large (400g) and XL (500g)

  • Full salmon fillet at $43.90 is a good buy https://www.melbourneseafoodmarket.com/product-page/salmon-s..., you pay $5 on top of Huon to get it deboned and skin off.

    edit. it goes to $79.90 when you select one, I guess that's pretty bad upsell considering it's $38.99 at huon and it's the same fish https://shop.huonaqua.com.au/products/fresh-huon-salmon-fill...

    • Hello
      Thank you for your comment

      So that's per kilogram for $40 from Huon and if you buy our fillet (1.9kg) it works out to be ($42/kg) and if you buy 2 fillets (3.8/kg) it works out to be $35.24/kg

  • how much is Large Whole Raw Tiger Prawns for 5 , 10 kg?

    how many prawns per kg?

    • $32/kg
      $30/kg for 5kg
      $28.5/kg for 10kg

      And between 20-25 Prawns a kilogram

  • [VIC] in title. Got excited for a second :(

    • We may be able to deliver

      If you are not on any of these routes please let me know where you are located and we may be able to deliver :)


      • +1

        In Sydney haha. I did enjoy the delivery from Sydney Seafood Market last time we were in lockdown here. Good luck OP

        • +1

          Yes the Manettas provide lovely seafood in Sydney

  • Why is portion size so expensive?
    Any local fish shop in my area you can buy any amount at the same let kilo amount.
    6.90 for 120g of flake is crazy.

    Good luck anyway.

    Edit just seen $120 to get free delivery. For me most be have to frozen after. Maybe people eat that much within a few days I dunno..

    • Hello

      Portion size is more expensive compared to whole fillets due to the cut, prep and wastage. you will receive centre cuts not tail end cuts.
      You can buy roughly a kilogram of flake for $27.9

      Unfortunately, it is a little difficult to do delivery like that as customers want to order for different days or the next day and don't want to wait a week to come around before they can place an order.

      In regards to freshness unlike buying from your butcher and local supermarket who leave the stock in the display cabinet for a few days or until sold, in and out of the fridge and kept on ice your frozen shelf life is none existent. wherewith us as it is fresh on the day for you you can portion and freeze your fillets and freeze up to 6 months.

      You would be surprised, but we understand about people who live by themself so we will be opening up a pick and collect option shortly after ISO Lockdown the 2nd

  • For those in Victoria (and within the 5km radius), I recommend Costi's Seafood in Hawthorn (742 Toorak Rd, Hawthorn East). I get my sashimi grade Atlantic salmon freshly filleted from the fish while I watch for $39.99 a KG.

    They also do Fish and Chips etc.

    • Hello
      So it's no longer $59.95/kg?
      Costie's Sashimi Salmon

      • Definitely $39.99 as of last Saturday.

        The Fish Pier Bar and Grill in Doncaster shopping centre also sells Sashimi Salmon at a similar $39.99 price.

        • +1

          Maybe a special

          From what I can see is;
          Whole salmon is $26.95/kg compared to us at $19.9/kg (less than 24hrs out of water)
          Sashimi Grade is 59.95/kg compared to us at $38.80/kg (skin on and less than 24hrs out of water)

          Though slightly more expensive, we do encourage people to support local shops in their area if they can especially during these times :)

          • @Melb Seafood Market: At Costi's it used to be $38.99 up to five weeks ago but went up to $39.99 two weeks ago per KG.

            They just opened up their new store so maybe it is a long running special (for hopefully a few more months).

            • @danielh: I hope it is for you,

              Like we said we encourage locals to support their local shops and especially in these times and bonus if you can pick up some hot chips along the way

  • +6

    This is not a deal for me (outside of area etc.), but I am impressed that OP has been engaging with comments, explanations, answering questions etc.

    Quite a few deal posters could learn a thing or two.

    • +3

      Thank you for your comment,

      We try to be customer-focused and answer any questions and rectify problems like not spelling Bargain properly originally 不不

    • +4

      Not everyone lives within a 5km radius of Footscray market unfortunately.

      • You don't need to.

        You just need to find a girlfriend that lives within 5km of there…

    • +2

      Ohh we know the stalls you speak of and;
      Blue swimmer, not Australian and frozen for a long time
      XXL Prawns Chinese not Australian and same size as our large
      Sashimi Salmon at your own risk

      • I would order the blue swimmer crab…. but not sure i can eat 10 of them that fast LOL.
        Blue swimmer crabs deteriorate quite quickly….. prob 2 days max in fridge.

        Is your frozen rockling fillets skin off, Australian or foreign?

        • Hello

          We do have 5 unit option available?

          Our Rockling is skin off and Australian, all market-fresh fish mentioned is Australian caught (but the Salmon and Barra are farmed)

  • Is the whole salmon (https://www.melbourneseafoodmarket.com/product-page/whole-ta...) safe to eat as sashimi?

  • The prices here seem like very similar to other retailers. Although the OP are saying it has been discounted.

    Clamms Seafood sells them for about the same price (not requiring the purchase of large quantities). Before COVID, Clamms seafood would supply to quite a few very famous restaurants like Attica, Brae, France Soir just to name a few. So I suspect their produce would be quite fresh.

    For example:
    500g - Sashimi Grade - $15
    Blue Swimmer Crab (Australian) - $8.99

    Although not everything is cheaper at Clamms, so best to do your research and see what you are looking to buy before settling on a retailer.

    • I can only vouch for our restaurants and consumers

      Who range from catering companies they solely deal with MCG and most of Melbourne's sporting arenas, Qantas, Australian Open, Melbourne Grand Prix, Major sushi chains across Melbourne and high-class Japenese restaurants

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