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[NSW] $10 off Your First Order with EASI Food Delivery


EASI is the #1 in Asian food delivery in Australia, but that doesn't mean we don't have other delicious restaurants like Pizza Hut, Ben and Jerrys and other small local cafes!

Sign up now to receive your first $10 free plus up to $50 off your next 5 orders.

Q: Why do we need to verify your phone number?
A: We need to make sure you're you!
Plus this way, your account will be ready to go, with the $10 and all!

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  • Heads up. It’s $2 for 5 times. Cheers EASI.

  • Delivery fee on EASI is absolutely insane. it's like $5 base fee, then $3/km, (estimate) one place was almost $40 just for delivery.

    • -1 vote

      You're correct in saying that our delivery is based on distance starting with a $5 base fee for delivery within a km, it is then $1.50 for each additional km. Although many of our restaurants have free delivery within 4km OR a $4.99 cap on delivery within 4km.
      You can check them all out in the app.

      • The problem is when you're outside of 4km, like I am. There's no close places to me, closest stores are around the 7km mark, so that's already $5 + ~$9, that's $14 just for delivery. Makes it extremely hard to chose EASI as my delivery service, although they have a lot of great places the others don't. While other services have delivery fees of around $5-$8 total, even for farther away places.

    • What about the actual items? Are they generally inflated too like other delivery apps to account for their 30% cut or whatever it is?

      e.g. El Jannah chicken roll is $8.90 instore but $13.00 on UberEats with $7.99 delivery fee…

      That's $21 for a $9 sandwich…

      • -1 vote

        The pricing is up to the individual restaurants, although we do strongly recommend that they do not inflate them through our app. Most of our restaurants choose not to as we do charge less commission than our competitors.

      • Yeah as EASI said, it's up to the restaurant what prices they put on, I've noticed all the ones I've looked at don't increase the prices though. You should call out El Jannah on it since they make it back on delivery anyway.

  • Great app for Asian Food

  • Could you add an translating tool in the app pls, as a lot of the restaurant in my areas has their menu in Chinese

    • +2 votes

      Hi there! Our team is currently going through the app and manually converting it to make sure everything makes sense to the local users, sometimes direct translations of asian dishes cause more confusion than good, haha!

      We're hoping to have everything updated by the end of this month!

  • humm…

    Chinese food delivery service accused of exploiting workers in Australia


    • Easi Australia is the largest Australian food delivery company, we are based in Australia and our staff are in Australian offices.

      This news article was from 2 years ago and has misrepresented some facts, those which are true have been rectified since then. GIG workers fall under different laws to employees and as such receive different benefits, all food delivery services use GIG workers as well as all most ride share.

      During the pandemic, EASI has been able to give many people paying jobs, as well as helping merchants stay in business.

      • thanks for you reply on this matter.

      • Easi isnt the largest australian food delivery company, nobody uses the app except one time users getting the first order discount.
        Food delivery services dont keep shops open, people are more than allowed to pick up their own food, infact all food delivery companies take a cut of the profits from the businesses.

  • Webpage doesn't load properly? I've put my number in and nothing happens.

  • Looks good, anything for Brisbane?

  • Why NSW only? What about VIC?

  • Why do we need to go through SMS verification every time we get a coupon through the app?

    • +1 vote

      Unfortunately, we had a lot of people who were abusing the coupons and creating new emails and accounts to get more.
      A few bad eggs ruin it for everyone :(

  • How do you get the other $50? And will using a referral link clash with getting the $10 off for the first order?

    • For the first 5 orders, you place you will receive a % discount that increases with every order. If you haven't used EASI before and your friend sent you a referral link you will only receive 1 x $10 coupon.

  • Hi Easi, Just wondering how this offer works and what the minimum spend is,
    Eg, If delivery was $5 and I was too only get a $4 item, would this mean I get my order for free ?

    • +1 vote

      Hi There!

      It is a minimum spend of $10, so you would need to purchase something worth $5 with $5 delivery and then you would get it for free.
      If you ordered something that cost $6 with $5 delivery the order would cost you $1.

      I hope that makes sense :)

  • Hi Easi! I signed up to Easi while ago but never ordered anything ever. Would I still be eligible for this offer?

  • There's still massive concern over the growing number of food delivery riders breaking the law on our Australian roads.

    For examples,

    I wonder how does EASI Australia vertify and approve driver's license before their commencement of job.

  • The number of EASI riders that I have almost run over thanks to their blatant disregard of road rules and simple safety….up the foot path, then into the road, cross oncoming traffic, back onto the foot path etc etc.