Xview Barrel Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Wi-Fi - XV20DVR with Bonus Hardwire Kit $149 @ Repco


Add the item to your cart and receive a bonus Hardwire Kit valued at $29.99 added at no cost. Save $79.

Unsure on the quality but it states 1080p and with bonus hardwire kit and included 8gb memory card it seems like a deal.

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  • Repco also has castrol 10w40 semi synthetic for 19 bucks too which is pretty reasonable.

  • use code FREESHIP50 for free delivery

  • Anyone know if these can connect to rear parking cameras for front/back recording? Only yesterday had someone run up the back of me then drive off…

  • I went in store and the box states super capacitor wifi has is not a listed feature on the website.

    Box states:
    Full HD
    GPS tracking
    Hand gesture photo
    Super capacitor
    152 degree wife angle
    G sensor
    8gb memory card

  • Waste of money.

    On face value, this dash cam comes in a very fancy box with GPS, Wifi, parking mode and a mobile app that lets you view and download the videos and change some settings but most of the settings are not changeable. Here is what’s bad,

    • The Wifi network name (SSID) cannot be changed or hidden, it also has a password of 12345678 which also cannot be changed.
    • GPS logging cannot be turned off.
    • Parking mode is not motion enabled; it simply records 1 frame per second constantly when the camera decides somehow it’s in parking mode.
    • Wifi is always on. In normal driving mode and when in parking mode.

    Anyone can download the ”xView” app (same as wifi name) and connect to my camera in the car park at work or at the shops. If someone hits you car and discovers your xView, they can erase the video themselves. People can also connect to the cam download the GPS log and know where you live and where you’ve been.

    Couldn't get a refund because it technically did what it's advertise to do, although very poorly.

  • This looks exactly like my Kaiser Baas R40 with the same features, if it the same?

    I've had 2 of them for a couple of years, pretty reliable but the rear one was playing up for a few week, seems to be working again now.

    Will these just plug into my wiring, I've got mine had wired in.

    Also as for the password, yes I think the default in 12345678 but it access the camera setting you need to enter a password the camera speaks to you, so I suppose in a very quiet situation with the windows partly down you could listen for it and gain access. If its the same, it they realise you have them installs and can find the right app.

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