Under 21 P2 Plate Needs Car Rental. Any Reviews for Renting Car through https://cairnsunlimited.com/

Hi I am looking at renting a car for a 19 year old P2 plater. Can anyone recommend any option.
Have found https://cairnsunlimited.com/ does through one of its agencies but havent heard of this one before so would like to know of your experiences with this https://cairnsunlimited.com/

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  • I recommend Vroom Vroom Vroom or similar sites; one of the details to input is the drivers age, and it will show you comparisons for the location(s) selected.

    • Vroom Vroom Vroom- doesnt go below 21 years age. What other site ??

      • rentalcars.com allows you to input an age

        You could have a look at kayak.com.au
        or booking.com/car-rental
        or skyscanner.com.au

        They are all on Google

        • skyscanner goes to min 21+ only
          rental cars.com- : shows no car at all
          booking.com minimum is 20

          • @10muscat: I think you are getting the message now that no car rental companies like renting to that age group.
            It is probably related to their general insurance requirements.

            At least you have explored a few options.

  • Under 21? I don't like your chances.

  • Any place that rents to under 21's will charge a fortune if something goes wrong - in fact just to get someone under 25 incurs additional fees.

    However you will probably find desperate local rental car places (like cairns) who have no tourists anymore maybe give them a go for $$$$

  • Jucy rentals rents to Under 21s and i've used them before when I was 18. Seamless rental process and there wasn't any hidden charges.

    • Jucy are good, even if owned by kiwis (don't get me started). Older cars & campers but who cares. Sometimes campers (imported used Taragos/Estimas) are cheaper than cars. Most used Estimas come into Australia from Japan with 100k or more on clock, but Toyotas seem to go forever with basic maintenance. Have used them quite a few times in both Au & nz.

      Think they make you take out their top level insurance, when under 25, but still cheap as. Just don't expect a newish car.
      (most rental car companies self insure, ie. they don't deal with separate insurance companies (unless inhouse) as that would be way too expensive, which is why most really push their insurance, as that's where the money is made.

      Only ever had 1 minor problem, when battery cable came loose on shitty nz dirt roads & didn't realise it, but RAC equivalent guy fixed it in 2 seconds.

      Almost forgot, one year, we booked Jucy through a travel agent & the agent gave us 10% off the Jucy online price. I think it was because it was a 3 week rental & the agent got extra commission for long hires & we did book accommodation, flights, travel insurance through agent, ie.a lot of money.

      • Actually for their cars (not campers) they gave me a car that was under 2 years old. Most of their fleet in Australia when it comes to the cars are under 2 years old, maybe the Fiats are getting old but the accents and corollas are both fairly new now.

        • anything under 10 years old if well maintained is fine. They tend to keep their cars longer than the big multinationals, who might only keep a new car for 12 months & do no maintenance in that time.

  • Carnextdoor?

  • got a quote from jucy too… thanks

    • don't forget to book it. Think you can cancel with day or 2 notice at no cost.

      Why ?

      As always in travel, a airfare/car/hotel price(quote) without a booking is totally meaningless, unless stated it will be held for short period without a booking.

      I went to book a car ex Cairns airport. Looked at Tue, didn't book & price doubled for same on Thu, obviously because car rental companies sold off cars & now nearly booked out in Sept Qld school holidays.