Toby Deals - why no reply - why still allowed?

Hi All,
I know there was a previous thread, but that is closed and that buyer's issues are very similar
I purchased some earphones from Toby's on the 31st of last month
paid via paypal
but have heard nothing
emailed and still no reply
i saw that the store rep is on here regularly and mssg them
same rep (sophia) has been on here since the mssg
has not replied
i understand that we may experience delays but the items arent listed as packed or sent
simply processing
i feel that some on here may tell me to be patient but i am curious as to what the relationship is like with Tobys & OB
because not replying anything is not only poor customer service but also sus
any advise?
perhaps the store rep will engage here if there is enough interest?
or maybe a mod will explain why this is ok?
thanks all

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    A massive mix of things causing this. Each issue probably not worth going into.

    I'd personally just ask for a refund (if you haven't already), since they're not responding to your enquiries. If no response, just initiate a chargeback/dispute and take your business elsewhere.

    • yeah it's looking like the best option - but in the past ive found Ozb really good at weeding out dodgy sellers so im wondering why this one is ok?

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        Like already commented. There are a few dodgy sellers who continue to be the exception over the rule (kogan). Grey sellers is sort of a lucky dip with both customer service and the item itself. I personally wait for bargains from well established retailers (sometimes making me wait months before pulling the trigger on items), but i understand this isn't practical for most.

        Amazing deals can definitely be had from the grey market, but it's all just a lucky dip, especially in the current economical situation.

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    Why are you expecting good customer service from a dodgy grey market international seller? Pay a little more for local stock with local support and local warranty/ACL coverage…

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      He’s not expecting good service but rather just ordinary service. There’s nothing wrong with questioning ozbargain about them posting deals for merchants that don’t have good standards - in fact merchants have been banned here before for doing similar things.

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        Kogan's still posted…

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      exactly as @kipps posted - i dont think I'm expecting some amazing service (plus local sellers are def. not always gonna give that either)
      just a response
      also by way of comparison (incase people think the delays are covid based or such)
      I purchased contact lens from a korean seller (because australia dont do what i need) later than the headset
      the seller has provided regular updates and transparency
      i can see that the contact lens came from china - to korea and on its way to me
      i consider that exceptional service
      an email to tell me what is happening with my order
      that's bare minimum

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        I've had a similar experience. You'll hear nothing, the package will arrive out of nowhere then they'll reply a week or two later saying it has been posted.

        • ah thanks, i think this is good news….bad service but if the product still arrives …..good news

    • Google lists them in product searches. I think they probably shouldn't be included there, it kinda ruins the whole point of the search.

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    OP you got your answer back on 11/7 when you first asked about Tobys

    No point complaining about slowness now …

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      not me someone else, were you confused because i commented on that post trying to get the attention of the store rep?

    • Did a bit of an oopsie there.

  • Be prepared to wait 6 weeks or more for international shipping from the PRC.

  • Toby Deals seems dodgy as heck, I’d rather pay on average of 20% more for that peace of mind elsewhere

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    Update: they've replied to my email with
    "Sorry for late reply due to tremendous inquires.

    After checking with the relevant departments we should inform you that the reason your order is still processing, is that we are currently waiting for the new stock to complete it. Because of this your order has not yet been dispatched.

    Luckily, we have been informed that we have a date set where we are expecting the new stock to come in. We can inform you that the new stock should arrive with us on 19 Aug 2020.

    Once the new stock has been unpacked, checked and processed in our system, we will ensure to pack and ship your order as soon as possible. We would like to offer our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this delay."

    which i still think is no good - selling items they dont have - normal procedure would be to list the item as out of stock and give the consumer the option to place on back order

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    Luckily, we have been informed that we have a date set

    Really! We're talking about Luck now?

    • so bad right? I've asked them to confirm the eta to me
      lets see if i get any kind of response
      rep hasnt been back on since i queried her
      but that may be due to the weekend
      all in all - still dodgy

      • I was thinking about buying a phone from them. Worth taking the risk? Sub ~$200 range.

        • I wouldnt, wont buy from them again, also keen to see how long this takes

      • Did they end up sending these?

        • they said they are shipped, but then also said that they will update when collected???
          ill wait a bit more
          im ever hopeful

          • @lola666: Did you end up getting them?

            I bit the bullet and ordered 2 pairs on Sep 1st and they were delivered today. I did email their reps first to confirm they had stock ready to ship which they confirmed after about 48hours.

            • @thesoxman: wow - they actually replied to you ?
              i got them finally, last week - love the buds +
              but damn this company doesnt do themselves any good with the horrid customer service

  • just another cheap phishing Chinese ec website.

  • Is this and Tecobuy the same company? I've read comments suggesting that but it's not very clear. If they are, I am on the same boat, waiting for a refund from PayPal since Tecobuy has been ignoring me.

  • Have they replied to you?

    • I received them already, and they are great (the buds +) but holy crap this company is sooo badly done

      • how long did it take from click to receive it in the mail?