Left-Handed Razer Naga Is Coming Back

Left-mousers rejoice! After a brief appearance some time ago Razer has decided to listen to fans and bring back the Naga Left-Handed Edition of their popular MMO mouse. All the current (marketing) deets are here https://www2.razer.com/au-en/gaming-mice/razer-naga-left-han.... The price is AU$184.95 with free shipping, which is well within the range of a decent, quality gaming mouse and the same as the right-handed Naga Trinity.

I personally don't play MMOs but I applaud Razer for making an effort to cater for left-mousers. The best I've managed to do thus far is find decent ambidextrous mice, and so far the winner for me has been the Roccat Kova AIMO. I've previously had a Razer Orobourous which I've passed on to a family member and is still going strong, AFAIK.

Let's see if any other major manufacturers get on board, too.


  • Razer has really been a roll the last few months.

  • I'm mainly left and don't pc game. I switch to right sometimes, the Roccat looks nice but maybe overkill for me.

    I want something wireless that has a good scroll wheel. Possibly matching KB

    • If you want a wireless gaming mouse then that will restrict you to either the Logitech G Series (PRO or 903) or the Razer Lancehead. All of these are full-featured and firmly in the upper $200's, although I've seen the Logitechs dip below two hundred on OB before. If you're not looking for a gaming mouse then anything you can pick up at Officeworks for up to $50 should do the trick. I've had a lot of success with Logitech in the past, but they're not the only ones who make a decent computer rodent in this price range. The good thing about Logitech is they have mouse/keyboard combos that work well together.