Are Grocery Prices Set to Soar in Coming Months?

Some media reports today that grocery prices are set to soar.

But is this just hype, especially if supermarkets have a lot of prices locked in with suppliers?

Are there things we should get in and buy before any price hikes?

Perhaps this is just going to affect fresh fruit and veg rather than staples like pasta, rice, flour or toilet paper?

Vote below on what you think will happen to Grocery prices in coming months…

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    Grocery prices will decrease
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    Grocery prices won't change
  • 57
    Some grocery prices may soar/increase but most prices will remain the same
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    Most grocery prices will increase, but only moderately
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    Most grocery prices will soar
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  • they will, if we have many of this kind of thread with subject line "Are Grocery Prices Set to Soar in Coming Months?"……

  • This reminds me of an episode of West Wing. The President asked two economists in the room whereby the Stock Market would be in 12 months time. One said “Going great guns up 1000 points” the other said “terrible, down 1000 points” and the President said “One of you is going to look like an idiot in 12 months time”.

    Personally I think that fresh fruit and veggies might be a tad more expensive because we don’t have an army of low paid Backpackers doing the picking.

    • Nah, the short-stay backpackers don't really contribute much. By far the majority of them are long term "visitors" and there's still an army of them heading out of town to the farms every morning of the week.

      • You're way underestimate their contribution, next summer don't cry when you see cherry is $20 per kilo at the lowest

  • +12 votes

    Referencing a News Ltd report doesn't give this much credence in my view.

  • Your first mistake is reading It's trash.

    I'm sure some prices will increase but for the majority it'll be the same.

  • Eat less

    well they asked a kmart mum and she agreed
    she also noted that the air fryer was the best thing since slice bread
    the coffee table was the bee's knees
    and the pillows were the ducks nuts

    • Don’t forget how the shopper at Aldi who styled her whole house for $100

      • Aldi’s ads are the biggest turn off from buying their products I’ve seen. Frankly, if I do wander into their stores, I feel like I should wash. Low rent $2 shop look. Their “squash everyone through the few cash registers at the front” is not great either.

        Good luck to people who do like them.

        • I find shopping in Aldi so much less stressful than elsewhere. In and out quickly, less need to deal with people wandering around aimlessly, and fast checkout service. And that is ignoring the financial benefits…

  • A example of the gutter press (aka doing anything for headlines and hoping that people will believe it.

    Another self-fulfilling prophecy?

  • Might not go up, but I'd guess there will be just less sales.

  • 2 issues drought & farmers can't get pickers even though 1 million on unemployment welfare, so some produce won't even get picked/sorted/packed. Crazy world.

    Simple supply & demand. Only 100 cartons of X at markets, price will be bid up & some retailers will pay more & sell for more.

  • They said Melbourne would run out of meat but it didn't happen.

    • Quotas in place. Could have been out of meat for weeks and people have to eat blood soaked then pan fried toilet paper!

    • We didnt run out of meat, I just didnt get any of the cut i wanted.

      The shortage was obvious to me, and I dont even buy much meat.

  • Murdoch owned mouth piece of sensationalism.

    Didn't mention the 150k+ migrants and 50k+ less foreign students we have to feed.

    Also the number of unemployed people who needs a job picking fruit and veggies. Even if you go and make $300 to supplement JobSeeker.

    The problem isn't food, we grow 3x what we eat (just not what picker eaters eat). It is to do with the spread of money. If people who lost their jobs in tourism wait for hand outs it dampens the flow of money throughout the economy.