Where to Buy a New Bike under $300 in Brisbane?

Want to get a cheap new bike under $300. Bike stores have them on their websites, but no stock. Similarly with Kmart, Big W etc. Anyone know where to find one?


  • Try Gumtree.

    Plenty for sale there, new and second hand.

    • Facebook Marketplace seems to have more "normal" people on it rather than the ones who drive around picking up roadside pickup. Too obvious in Facebook as you can see all their posts together.

      You're more likely to get a $600 for $300 bike here though, just try to find what your key features are and some brands that meet it to speed up the search.

  • Try Anaconda

  • Don’t buy from Kmart etc. They are not worth buying. Look for second hand as preference to Kmart stuff.

    Cheaper bikes have been very low on stock since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Second h d market is pretty hectic too. Good value bikes sell very quickly. People are asking premium prices for rubbish too.

    An old, quality bike is still relatively easy to maintain and buy parts for. But, bike shops have been really busy with servicing, so if you are impatient you might need to DIY (which isn’t hard)

  • For $300 i'd go second hand, there's a lot of crap out there. Anything below $400 is likely to fall apart in <1 year

  • Go second hand. It's not worth spending money on cheap junk.

    It's not really that it's likely to fall apart in a year - more that the bike will be so heavy and mechanically needy that you'll just give up on it.

    • no bought a 2nd hand bike & after 6 months bill to repair it was more than it was worth. Not going to be doing huge kms or riding to work, so doesn't need to be flash.

      • You are likely to have the same issues with a Kmart bike. Ie after 12 months repairs will cost as mich as you paid for it new.

        A decent bike is soooo much better to ride.

        • got one bike from 99 bikes for $300 & is excellent but they have no more at anything like that price & say they won't get more for month or 3.

  • Not sure about quality, seems plenty of options for $299 range


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