Carpet Stains in Rental - Existing and New

Hi all,

We recently moved out of a rental apartment after living there for 2 years. Before moving in, there were stains and discolourations on the carpet, which was noted in the condition report along with pictures taken.

Now we have moved out and there is this stain (not huge or anything) in a very weird place – under the sofa. I have no idea how this stain appeared.

The carpet is about 5 years old (as old as the apartment) and this rental property is based in Melbourne.

Should I be paying anything? If so how much?


  • Should I be paying anything? If so how much?

    What has the REA tried to charge you for?

    • He has not given me price or anything. Just sent an email with the picture of the stain and saying it is a concern for him.

  • Did your condition report detail the number and sizes of the stains in the room with the sofa? Were there photos?

  • Did you lease require an exit carpet clean?
    Did you do the carpet clean ?

    If you answered yes and no then you can expect to be up for the cost of having the carpets cleaned.
    if the stain does not come out when they clean the carpet they techicnally could take you to XCat and get your bond and or the cost of replacing the carpet.
    Saying that, if stains already existed its unlikely XCat would allow you to be stung the full cost of replacing the carpet and would base it on a percentage of the cost.

    • Lease did not require a carpet clean and Hence I did not. I clearly mentioned in the condition report that I do not consider the carpets to be professionally cleaned and it has discolourations/stains in many spots.

      • yeah you did the right thing by declaring on the CR, a LOT of tenants just sign those things without being clear and concise.

        Chances are the agent will seek to be reimbursed to have the stain removed.

        I see you are in Melbourne , i am a landlord in Melbourne of a few properties, here are a few things you are allowed to do if they come at you with costs to have the carpets cleaned

        1) Request access to property to have your own cleaners quote
        2) Request access to attempt to remove the stain yourself.
        3) Object to any claim on your bond due to the pre-existing condition of the carpet, you could argue that you "new" stain does not lower value etc due to the presence of existing stains
        4) Object to any bond claim they make and have it taken to VCAT, this will be done in a timely manner so should not be too much of a delay (its done online now anyways)
        5) Counter any cost they come up with, if they say $500 say you will agree to $250 to resolve the matter etc

        If the carpets were allready filthy and stained you will win at the tribunal, while you did stain the carpet chances are the member will read the CR etc and see that your stain is just one more to a list of many.

  • That was me, sorry.

  • Probably mould from damp forming under the couch sadly.

  • Quite often carpet cleaners can hide stains temporarily, so when you move in it may appear nice but soon after stains will develop

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