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The Lord of The Rings: Trilogy (Buy) $19.99 (Usually $39.99) @ iTunes AU


If you are fan of these movies then it is a good deal as it is currently at half price in iTunes.
Also it's prequel (in book world) but sequel in movie world The Hobbit trilogy (https://itunes.apple.com/au/movie-collection/the-hobbit-tril...) is also at the half price.
I don't know the end date of this deal, if someone knows then please write here.

Microsoft Store - 49.99$ (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/the-lord-of-the-rings-tril...) I think that AU website

Google https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/The_Lord_Of_The... is not showing price now to me (probably because I am not logged in to Google) but I think it was about 40$ something

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    No extended, no deal.

    • I agree. Extended or nothing

      • With Netflix Canada (and a VPN) you can watch the extended version

        • I thought Netflix was blocking vpns

          • @Dienk: Yep but Nordvpn and surfshark can unlock more than 10 countries. You will be able to watch Joker, Hobbs & Shaw, Once upon a time in Hollywood, Deadpool 2, etc.
            With cheap lifetime VPN like fastestvpn and vpn unlimited, you can only unlock netflix US.

  • Extended edition is $40 from Apple and $38 from Google as well at the moment - https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/The_Lord_of_the...

    Not sure what it is usually but it's $US50 on the US iTunes store right now

  • Can't believe they aren't on one of the subscription streaming services ?!?!?

    $40 for the extended editions … ouch.

    • Waiting for the 4k remastered extended versions….

      • Not even kidding I have like five different versions of these movies between DVD theatrical, DVD Extended, DVD Extended with collectors statuettes, then blu-rays …

        Peter Jackson must of made a couple of grand off me over the years, still great fricking movies and the Hobbit ones were under rated if a little drawn out.

        • I am still waiting for a director’s cut version of all three movies condensed into a single three and a half hour version called
          “The Hobbit: There and Back Again, as it should have been”.

          • @entropysbane: Many fans have already done just that.

          • @entropysbane: I'm waiting on the one with the alternative ending where Frodo jumps on a giant eagle at the start of the first movie, flies straight to Mount Doom, chucks the ring in the fire before it "takes hold" of him, and spends the remaining 1.5hr of the movie partying. No volume 2 or 3 needed :)

            • @Make it so: Sigh … ignorance is bliss.

              Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh joke around the issue on the writer-director commentary track; writing partner Philippa Boyens then bursts out and angrily declares one of the common explanations: "Why does everyone always say that?! The flying Nazgûl on their Fell Beasts would have stopped them! How more obvious does that need to be?! Mordor has flying creatures too!"

              • The Eagles coming from the air would have been fairly obvious and defenseless to Sauron; the Fell beasts and/or archers would most likely have stopped the attempt. The Eagles expressed fear in The Hobbit about going into the Lands of Men because of their bows. After the Ring is destroyed (along with all of Sauron's forces), the Eagles met no resistance from evil forces; thus, they were able to rescue Frodo and Sam.

              • The Eagles could have possibly become corrupted by the power of the Ring and would have most likely attempted to prevent the destruction. Gandalf himself not only knew that anyone might and would refuse to throw in the Ring, but he was also afraid of it; the Eagles, as Maiar, could have been corruptive and dangerous.

              • As emissaries of the Valar, the Eagles may have been somehow limited in how they intervened to great events, which the Valar perhaps considered matters between the Elves and Sauron; for example, they had sent the Wizards, who were prohibited to directly fight Sauron by physical or supernatural force, and the Eagles did aid the free peoples and even participated in battles. But otherwise, the Eagles would had been either afraid, unwilling, incapable, or (like the Wizards) forbidden to take any greater part.

              • The Eagles's availability and power must have been limited. Gwaihir only arrives at Isengard because he is sent by Radagast. Once he rescues Gandalf, the Wizard asks him how far he can bear him, to which the Eagle replies "…not to the ends of the earth. I was sent to bear tidings not burdens." He took Gandalf just to Edoras, so he could find a horse to ride, and then departed.

              • With the War of the Ring expanding to all the western realms of Middle-earth, the Eagles would need to protect their own lands in the event that Sauron's forces invade, and thus would be unable to spare any resources to assist the Fellowship.

    • As I recall it is about $150 for the GoT box set.

  • Title says rental. Is this rental or purchase?

  • It's back to $39.99 now. I'm too late to the party.
    Do you guys know if there's a way to track price of movies & TV in iTunes?
    Or should I just keep checking from time to time?
    Thank you.

    • https://www.cheapcharts.info/au/itunes/movies/365647689

      On the top right hand side corner, chose the country code if it does not appear to be AU.
      Probably you can set up alerts on price if you login.

      • Thanks so much for the advice, mate. Much appreciated!
        Have signed up for Cheap Charts and just realised the extended version for LOTR used to be $24.99 just last year.
        I will stay put for the next deal then.

        Thanks again. Always learn something new every time I'm logged in here.