Who's Planning to Sell Their RTX 20x0 Series GPUs for The 30x0 and How Much Are You Thinking of Selling Them for?


Also, what's your motivation for upgrading? Do you just have bottomless pockets? Unsatiable hunger for the newest and shiniest?


  • I personally won't be upgrading to the 30xx series, because i just upgraded to a 20xx myself. So i'll be upgrading in a few years.

    Most people i know who are upgrading are doing so because they want to be capable of 4k gaming on high/ultra, which they're hoping the 30xx series will accommodate.

    A select few in my group are upgrading simply because they MUST have the newest parts etc (even if that means they can't afford it).

  • Depends on how much the 3080ti comes out at….My 2080ti still works fine, but I've got some coil whine with it. I think it's my old corsair PSU.

    If the cost of changeover is too high, I'll just get a new PSU….

    Edit: I've also just read it's only 20% more powerful…so if that's all, I doubt I'll change.

    • No, its the 3080 is looking to be around 20-30% better than the 2080 ti, the replacement for it would be 50-60 most likely

    • Sources on the 20% number? It sounds reasonable, but just wanted to read about it.

  • It will take at least 2 more generations to get to 4k gaming on high/ultra at good frames, so i will keep waiting for that.

  • Sold my Aorus RTX 2080 Super a few days ago for $1100
    only paid $1219 10 months ago for it.

    Want something more powerful for frames, i recently got the LG 34GN850 so want something powerful to push as many frames as possible.

  • I'll hold onto my 1080ti KiNGPiN :p
    It runs my 27" G-sync 165Hz monitor to my satisfaction,
    anyway, I am a pensioner

  • Once the new generation cards are out may consider upgrading my 4 year old 1070 to a 20xx card if a good deal comes up.

  • What is a good card to run 1080p 144hz ultra?

  • I’m waiting for big Navi to come out by end of the year to compare against the RTX 3000 series before deciding. It’s going to be a lot more even this year, ray tracing isn’t exclusive to Nvidia anymore.

  • I have a Radeon 8700 Series from 2011/12so I am keen to upgrade to the 3000 series.

    • Are you thinking 3070 or 3080?

      • It really depends. So far i am keen to get the top performance card but that will depend on price too.
        I am budgeting aside and estimating it'll cost very similar to a current 2080Ti price.

        However the rumors/speculations say it'll be a 30% performance increase only so i hope it isn't just that and has other amazing features too.'


        • The xx70 seems like the logical choice for price:performance ratio each generation, but I'm tempted to just push it because I seem to only really build every 5 years or so, and an extra $200 or so spread over 5 years is negligible.

          Ultimately, it'll depend on benchmarks and prices when the cards release. Though really leaning towards just spending the $$$

  • Thinking of selling my 2070 super for around $650 (Gigabyte Gaming OC with the type c port), is it a decent price? Really hoping to hit 100 fps on UWQHD (3440 x 1440) on highest settings, my current GPU only hits around 50-70 on the new games.

    • What games are you running?

      • AC Odyssey, Modern Warfare, Division 2, etc. Yeah the 2070 super really still works well, getting the 3xxx series is just a nice to have for me

    • The 3070 is coming out on $800 on AU, so $650 seems like a stretch for a used last gen card, though I'm really not well-versed in the used market.

      • Was planning to sell it before the 3070 comes out in October which is going for $809. Considering a 3070 = 2080 ti, and a 2070 super is close to a 2080, the performance difference should be around 25% (2080 vs ti). I think a 20-25% drop in price would be fair to correspond to the perf difference, hence hopefully trying to sell it for $600-650.

        • a 2080 super Galax White OC just sold for $765 on eBay and that was with bids before the announcement, so your chance is very slim I think

    • Currently 2070 Supers range between $550 and $570 on the used market. 2080 and 2080 Supers range between $600 and $650. Buyers who purchase used are more informed than you may think…

      Sell it if you can though if you are able to get $650 for it.

  • i'll be happy getting 300-400 for my EVGA 2070 (Non-S)

  • I am thinking to sell mine too (MSI 2080 Super Gaming X Trio) but will need to see the new cards first because I run mine in an ITX platform.

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