Which 4G LTE Band is required for VoLTE in Australia?

Is VoLTE dependent only on the Firmware your handset is running or also on the 4G Bands your phone has?

Is there a way to find out which '4G/LTE Band' is necessary for VoLTE to work for a particular Operator?

My Operator: Boost Mobile, uses 4G Bands: 3, 7, 28 (as informed by Boost Technical Support over call)
Telstra uses 4G Bands: 1, 3, 7, 8, 28
My Phone: Redmi Note 5 Pro, has Bands: 1, 3, 5, 40, 41

I don't get VoLTE on my handset and the network falls back to 3G when I'm on a call. This sometimes makes it difficult while using the phone as a Hotspot. I'm thinking of buying a new phone, probably Redmi Note 9 Pro which has Bands: 1, 3, 5, 8, 40, 41.

Would VoLTE work on this handset? There are peeps who have reported that VoLTE works on their "Mi" phones, so I think it is not entirely dependent on Firmware (obviously, Xiaomi's Firmware wouldnt be certified by Telstra/Boost)

Reference: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/buying_a_phone_that_works_for_the_aussie_mobile_network

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    B1 (2100 MHz)
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    B3 (1800 MHz)
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    B7 (2600 MHz)
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    B8 (900 MHz)
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    B28 (700 MHz)


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    Pretty sure on Telstra, it needs to be “activated” on your service. As in, there’s a number of checks before it’ll work on your service. You can pm me your number and I can check (if you’re with Telstra)

    • Hi,

      Just came across this. Are you still able to see if VOLTE is provisioned for a number on BOOST. I have tried to activate it using the phone codes, but in the IMS settings it says it isn't registered.


  • https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/telstravolte is a pretty handy guide shows a bunch of compatible non telstra provided phones.
    VoLTE really relies on how VoLTE is configured in the phones firmware.
    Account and firmware are the required ones bands as far as I was told 14 days ago wasn't an issue.

    My new Nokia 5.3 isn't approved VoLTE wise on Telstra and it's the Australian model and supports LTE : 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41.
    My coverage is band 3 and 28.

    • Thanks penguincat & supasaiyan. I am on Boost. I have called them up and they have "activated" VoLTE on my account and confirmed. However, I still dont get VoLTE on my number. On calling up again, they mentioned all the 4G Bands used by Boost (i.e. 3, 7, 28) need to be there in the Phone to be able to use VoLTE.

      This may be a generic statement. However, penguincat, if this isn't too much to ask for, could you confirm if u get VoLTE if u do not latch on to Band 28 (i.e. assuming u can check when u r on Band 3)?

      That'll just help me confirm that Band 28 is a must for VoLTE for Boost / Telstra. Band 28 is also mentioned as the most widely used Band by all telcos. I'm surprised I have no issues in Internet Speed or 4G coverage inspite of not having this Band in my phone.

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        No, don't do it.
        Buy a phone with the 700MHz/Band 28, save yourself a lot of headache. That's why the Redmi Note 3 Pro (Global) was a big hit on OzBargain, the QSD 650 SoC and the Band 28 were awesome, combined with that low-price and great community support/custom roms… this at a time (2014-2016) where most phones were lacking in some form or another.

        I was going to suggest going with Oppo instead. The Realme 5 Pro was/is very great !!!
        However, they now have a competitor that is slightly better than the Redmi Note 9 Pro: the Realme 6 Pro. And I suspect in a short-while, it too will get access to lots of good accessories and of course Custom Rom support.

  • Actually, I could check boost numbers too

  • Ok, I found this under 'The Fine Print' on Boost's website. This clearly indicates that Band 28 (700 MHz) is required for VoLTE, i.e. when 3G is 'switched off'.

    Telstra will be switching off 3G in 2024. After switch off you will still be able to access the Telstra Mobile Network provided your handset is 4G voice enabled and 4G 700MHz compatible. Find out more: http://tel.st/goodbye3G

    Source: https://boost.com.au/#the_fine_print

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      You do realise that Boost are reading off a scripted sheet? I've got friends/family with Xiaomi phones WITHOUT band 28 and they ALL have VoLTE and VoWIFI working.

      It just takes a bit of extra work.

      Dial these codes in the phone app;
      VoLTE: ##86583##

      VoWiFi/WLAN: ##869434##

      • I have done that already. It just disables the 'carrier check' and gives the option to turn on/off VoLTE. Even if I keep it ON, I dont get VoLTE on my number.

        • Have you checked the the VOLTE provisioning with the 4636 code?

          I have a spare Mi A1 that is on stock Android Pie and it works (also an older phone than yours.

          Family members Mi A2 also works.

          • @GTR12:

            Have you checked the the VOLTE provisioning with the 4636 code?

            How do I do this, sorry, I'm unaware of 4636 code.

            EDIT: I googled and ran the 4636 ode and checked.
            VoLTE Provisioned: ON

            • @djoz: Can you check with another phone that VoLTE has been enabled on your sim? you just swap the sim into the other phone, reboot and wait.

              Just figuring out if its a phone setting or a carrier setting.

              • @GTR12: Yup, it works all fine in a Samsung Galaxy S9.

                I further checked IMS Service Status and it says:
                IMS Registered: Not Registered.

                This is required to be registered for VoLTE to work. How do I 'register' IMS? Apparently its something only an operator can do.

                • @djoz: No idea about IMS, have you tried custom ROM's? eg; Lineage

  • Has anyone been able to work out what settings need to be enabled/what firmware needs to be installed on a Xiaomi device (Poco F2 Pro) to get VOLTE working? Works on my old phone (Nokia 7 plus from officeworks) but doesn't work on the Poco that I recently got from overseas. Tried bypassing carrier checks etc by using codes and shows VOLTE provisioned but calls drop to 3G. Have tried all things like network settings reset, factory reset etc. Have replaced the sim card too but it hasn't helped. The phone has all required bands for VOLTE to work. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Currently no way for Redmi and Poco phones.

      • It is weird though. I have come across people on Whirlpool Poco F2 Pro forum where VOLTE works perfectly fine on their devices. They have the exact same handset as me and Telstra L2 support keep telling me that it is not an approved handset so they will never support it. I told them it works fine for some people and is a hassle for others but they didn't want to know about it. Feels like a downgrade to me going from a VOLTE to a non VOLTE service.

  • Hi - I have the LG G8s on the Vodafone network. VoLTE is not enabled on my phone and no LG phones seem to be supported on Voda website for VoLTE: https://www.vodafone.com.au/support/device/wi-fi-calling

    On the other hand Telstra states LG devices G6 and above is supported for VoLTE.

    Yesterday Vodafone cellular network was down in my area:
    - My LG G8s and old Iphone5 (only Iphone6 and above have VoLTE): no call ability for the entire day.
    - Old Samsung S8+ and wife's IphoneXR were fine with VoLTE.

    I have tried the 4636 code and no luck - it's greyed out on Vodafone network.

    I have been on calls with Vodafone & LG to try to "resolve" the issue. Voda seems to say its manufacturer problem. LG says to send into their repair centre in Silverwater. I am not keen to send phone in and then spend hours reinstalling apps if they do a hard reset (which I already did). Plus there is no guarantee the repair centre will actually "fix" anything.

    Anyone have a similar problem? I cannot believe i pad $500 for a phone that I cannot use to make phone calls on days where there is "maintenance"… who knows how reliable Voda network will be going forward with this merger with TPG. Next time I'll stick with the Samsung.

    • Yesterday Vodafone cellular network was down in my area

      You mean to say 3G network was down, so when you attempted a call, you had no network in the absence of VoLTE? Yes, this is a huge concern. Especially with Vodafone, the 3G Bands that they use now are not even available on all phones. As such many 4G phones which are not VoLTE-compatible "with Vodafone" are rendered useless for calling. They do not get any 3G network at all.

      On Vodafone, to be able to use 3G network, your phone needs to have B8 (900 MHz). Its a single 3G band now which is needed for you to be able to use 3G. Similarly for Telstra, it is B5 (850 MHz). If you dont have these bands on your phone, then it is rendered useless if the carrier doesnt support VoLTE for your device.

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