Cool Yet Affordable Kids Clothes

Hello OZbargainers,

I need to buy clothes for my 7yr old and I was wondering where the greatest options for cool yet affordable clothes are at the moment.

I don't really care for designer brands nor something that is of extremely high quality and would last 10-20 years (kids grow fast!), but also don't need to go cheapest of the cheap - you know, just looking for the best value for my money.


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    Practically anything as long as they like it.

    When they're a bit older, anything that you say they can't have.

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    The wife likes the stuff from Next.

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    I asked Mrs Musthazbargains who does all the kids shopping, she said Ollies Place when on sale/markdown - which is often.

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    Im assuming children under the teenage ages which in that case i'd say K-mart, Target, Big W etc

    Once they are teenagers and they want the branded gear ie Adidas etc

    I'd say do what i do and stock up around xmas/NYE time Addidas/Puma etc usually have massive sales i think Puma got as good as 50% site wide for 24hours i've seen Adidas 40% site wide etc

    I usually hit up there 'cheaper' shirts/shorts/track pants and buy them in ever colour they got my size. I think last years sales i got like 8 shirts from puma for like $100 delivered ~ 12.5$ a shirt and it is a decent brand and decent quality then you can also stack CR/SB onto that discount…

    I think i also got 2 sweat pants, tee and a jumper from adidas for like $110 from adidas i know people that have pay 70$ just for a pair of sweat pants

    The last bit of advice is Uniqlo it isnt for everyone but i think i for like 14 v-necks for like 60$ including postage once

    You also need to know you brands Nike/Under Armour usually always pretty expensive even when they have sales so keep you eye out for clearance items.

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    I’ve picked up a bunch of decent kids clothes from TK Maxx since they expanded down here. Some labels, all of it has lasted well and has passed the ‘peer review’ on school mufti days.

  • …I'm just trying to get my head around any kids thinking:
    " wow mum, your taste in my clothes is really COOL!! "

  • Where have you been buying clothes for the last 7 years?

    • Many places. Should that stop me from looking for options/ benchmark with other smart buyers before a big batch of new clothes?

      • Not at all, but a little more context about what you usually get and what you would like to get differently may help shape the responses.

        • T-shirts/ pants from Kmart and target for more everyday clothes.

          Ollies place, the children’s place, a few designer brands for special occasions.. that’s what comes to mind, nothing too different.

          My daughter loved the stuff from Next suggested above (which I didn’t know before) and the children’s place continue to be a good option, although now they charge shipping + tax to Australia 🙄.

  • I've found oshkosh and carters to be nice designs, cut and washes up well. Buying for toddlers though so not sure about kid range.

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