Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Dishwasher?

We are thinking of getting our very first dishwasher. Do i need a licensed plumber to install it? I read that we can DIY however my concern is if it will be okay for insurance purposes? Also, there is a power point already in the cabinet that is currently used for water filter. Can one power point be used for both dishwasher and water filter? Thank you


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    Have a look under your sink.
    It's pretty similar to a washing machine; you need at least a cold water connection (some cheap models don't have heaters and also require hot water) and somewhere to connect the drain. Often there will be a spare connector on the existing drainpipe for it.

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    Installing a dishwasher is no different than installing a washing machine or refrigerator with a water dispenser. Connect the water supply and drain hose. Cheeck for leaks. Plug the power to the GPO and do a dry run before loading the dishes.

    There are plenty of vids on YouTube on how to install household appliances.

  • Will DIY be acceptable for insurance purposes, do you know?

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      The connections are all user serviceable. No problem with insurance or warranty.

  • You should look at your PDS and see if it is required.

    If there has already been a dishwasher there already and you follow the instruction manual it should be hard. Just check for leakage for the first couple of days.

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    If it's replacing an existing one id do it myself, if it needs pipes running I'd use a plumber.

  • This is two separate questions - do you (assuming basic skill level) need one? No.

    Does your home insurance need one? Check your PDS (as others said) or call and ask - do not assume as it'll be just dumb luck that the flexipipe that breaks (EVERYONE replace them every 5yrs) is that one you installed and they'll reject it because they can.

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    If you can unscrew the stop cock under the sink and fit the dishwasher hose (may need a t piece) and you can fit the water outlet to the under sink s-trap then you do not need to be a trader to do it.

    One power point can probably be used for both, if in doubt get a sparky to switch the GPO to a double.