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Settlers of Catan Board Game $39.99 Delivered @ Gameology Amazon AU


Sold by Gameology.

(Inexperienced poster here, so maybe I'm posting a duplicate? If so mods can please remove/merge/update other deal.)

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  • Good deal!

    Technically not a dupe,
    Firstly, lower price, secondly different seller on Amazon.
    I could be wrong - I’m yet to post a deal…

  • great game and price!

  • Great price! But not a shipped by Amazon product, so no buyer protection from Amazon if that matters to anyone.

  • Wow was deliberating on the $53 one from Amazon. Glad I'm indecisive! :) Thanks OP. Now I need to get Dominion.

    ps should be able to get Cashrewards/Shopback as well?

  • Not sure that this is relevant to this specific sale, but I regularly see this available for $40 at my local bargain stores.

    Fairly confident there are some knock off versions of this getting about, not saying this is a knock off (but $40 is about the range) or that the knock offs are bad quality, but they are certainly out there.

    I'm fact if you want to save some $ why not buy from Aliexpress, here is just one option I found after a quick search https://a.aliexpress.com/_dVDkMDu

    • Quick browse of the reviews show that this could be a knock off? Missing items, misprints, not aligned pieces…

      • There is absolutely no doubt it's a knock off.

        My point is you know what you're getting and it's cheaper.

        I suspect a lot of these inexplicably cheap versions are just resellers selling this very same product to you

        Edit: sorry didn't realise you were referring to Amazon reviews. Yes they indicate some are fake, but as stated below the reviews are combined from every supplier.

        Some on Amazon use knock offs some likely use legit.

      • The reviews are of the product from every store on Amazon just mashed together.

    • Wouldn't trust AliExpress. There buyer protection sucks

  • Gameology is a legit local store so I doubt they would be selling fake copies….

  • Good price and good game!

  • I've bought from Gameology heaps of times and they've been great. They're a legit game store so these are probably even less likely to be fakes than the ones sold by Amazon…

  • Hey considering grabbing this - but is it right, no protection if item arrives fake etc?

  • Ahh bugger. Unless I’ve stuffed up I’m pretty sure price has jumped back up. Was keen to grab it.

  • was just about to buy and price changed to $53

  • damn, i just missed this…

    • To those who play this, is it better value to buy a bundle with some expansion packs first or buy the expansion packs separately?

      • Catan is a 'chatty' game since every turn you need to negotiate trade with each other, and needs at least 3 people min to make it good. If you've never played these types of games before then see how you+your cohort go with the vanilla first.

  • Got one. Never played this game before. Can this be played with 6yrs old?

    • It is possible to teach a 6 year but the strategic planning won't be there. …so less fun for the adults playing

  • Great game! Just be careful if you buy the add-ons because there are "expansions" (eg cities and knights) and "extensions" (5-6 players). I know a few families who bought Catan base game and the seafarers extension (5-6 player) instead of the expansion. You must have the expansion to use the extension so they had to go out and buy the expansion too….if that makes sense…

    In any case I suggest playing the computer version of Catan first because it will teach you all of the rules (you cant do the wrong thing). The base game ifs free to play.