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LEGO 42112 Technic Concrete Mixer Truck $149 (RRP $179.99) + $7.99 Delivery (Free C&C) @ Big W


Cheapest price spotted was $137.34 (25% off) from Amazon couple weeks ago when it first launched

David Jones currently has it for $143.2 delivered, unfortunately haven't seen much stock available from DJ. Maybe we will see some restock before the sale finishes on Tuesday (18/08/20) 🤞

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    Kids are bloody well spoiled for LEGO today. Older sets were better, but today’s sets seem limitless.

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      Older sets were better

      Older sets really weren't better unless you're blinded by nostalgia. They were smaller, cruder and less sophisticated in every way possible. I do agree Lego's original themes from the 80s and 90s like Lego Castle, Lego Pirates, Lego Wild West, Lego Space and Aquazone were a lot more creative than their original themes of today which are becoming overwhelmingly licensed IPs (though Lego Ideas has kind of made up for that), but if you're comparing like-for-like remakes or modern-day evolutions of long-running designs (like Lego City Police Stations or Fire Stations for example), the modern Lego sets are by and large definitively better.

      The best illustration of that is the evolution of the Star Wars Slave I sets from the 1990s until now. Who would objectively say those older sets were better?

      Lego has come an incredibly long way since then and the evolution of new moulds, new construction techniques and more advanced motorised functions just makes the Lego of yesteryear look awkward; there are few exceptions here and there (mainly those sets that were re-released numerous times), for instance I know a lot of AFOLS prefer the older Star Wars Clone Turbo Tanks and Tantive IVs because they're larger (though not necessarily more detailed) and a lot of the Lego train sets from the 1980s/1990s are highly coveted by Lego train collectors, but you have to look really hard for examples of Lego sets from a decade or three ago that compare favourably to their modern-day equivalents.

      • the fact that this particular lego model turns and dispenses the "concrete" is all the evidence i need that modern lego is way better

        • Well that part of the Concrete Mixer isn't that mind-blowing; Technic sets have always had hand-operated animated functions like these, but the seamless-looking, twin-piece concrete barrel mould on the back is definitely a modern-day Lego nicety you just didn't get in older Technic sets, where everything was a lot more skeletal and made up of smaller, individual pieces that never could replicate curved surfaces very well.

          • @Gnostikos: i never got technic sets as a kid so yeah, my mind is easily blown :p

      • You used to get proper monkeys with the pirate sets. And the sails were made of printed cloth. These roller coaster and big car sets are great and all, but the plastic monkey was my favourite piece.

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    Nice find.

    For Victoria residents - free delivery.

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    Screw waiting for Insta :( Stock will rarely last.

    • Do you have particular set you are after? The high demand sets are usually out of stock very quickly. 😔

      • I buy some of rare ones that are there about 5% of the time from the official Lego site but the pricks there seem to block me because of teaming them up with promo sets offers . I've done numerous calls to their number wasting my time .
        Promo abuse !
        All other merchants including Legoland have no problems with my orders .

        • Lego site sux. They blocked me for no reason. Best thing they ever did. Now I find stuff cheaper elsewhere…

      • Yep. Treehouse for one

        • Treehouse was in stock at Mighty Ape and LEGOLAND 3 days ago, both places priced it at RRP 279.99 plus shipping. I DM everyone who mentioned they are looking for one, they all managed to get one. After they finished buying, it was out of stock within 30 mins. I didn't post at ozbargain because it was RRP, not a discounted price.

  • Still waiting for another Porsche deal. Just got into lego and annoyed I didn't earlier from all the previous deals

  • Its actually - $129 - free delivery in Vic


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