expired Huawei IDEOS U8150 (Virgin) $59 @ The Good Guys (DFO Moorabbin)


Was at the Good Guys Moorabbin picking up my Acer Iconia this afternoon (Thanks OzBargain!) and noticed that they had a similar deal to Aldi on the Huawei u8150 mobile minus the credit and data from Virgin (not written but did not ask so not 100 percent).

I've attached a picture of the phone with price, asked if they had stock and confirmed that there were a couple in stock (wasn't specific).

So if you don't want to wait for the Aldi promotion, get there now! Possibly able to get all good guys to price match, not sure if it's just Moorabbin DFO specific.

Any issues please post below and I will address ASAP

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    Whats the price????


    But where is the price and picture mate?

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    Actually, nvm, but though this would be better in the comments section of the other deal…



    i recently bought a virgin locked samsung for mrs altomic and it came with $180 credit. maybe similar for this.

    virgin -need to spend $80 to unlock.


    The only bad thing is that it could be Subnet locked meaning its locked to Virgin only, not Optus/Liveconnected/Amaysim etc.


      yeah, I bought an LG locked to virgin on the assumption my TPG sim would work in it. Turned out to be a double lose, LG make a crap phone and don't support it, plus it is locked down tight to virgin.

      I suspect this one will be the same, on both counts.


    It's incredible how cheap these things are getting. I wonder what we will have even just 4 years from now.

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      world ending in 2012..


      Wonder when we will see the $100 mark broken for a dual core 4" prepaid phone. My brother is on Virgin prepaid with a non-smartphone. Thinking of buying him this but probably will wait till some faster phones reach sub $100 prices.


    hey chenc64, you have the same email as some one on my hotmail MSN…is your name clifford??


    can anyone confirm if you buy it from somewhere other then ALdi and get them to price match will you still receive the $180 credit and 1gb data?


    This phone is really slow.. can't even play angry birds properly. Oh not to mention, I even overclocked it to 600mhz, and still , its unplayable.


      might be good for basic users then who just need an entry-level touchscreen for whatever

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