Cheapest Place Right Now to Buy Converse and Vans?

Anyone know of any sales coming up

Looking to purchase white converse Chuck Taylor’s and Classic black vans

Do not want to pay retail!!! 😝


  • +1

    I've always found Platypus (I've always bought Vans from them) to be the cheapest but no sales on right now.

    • Yes thanks. I usually try but from them to, just no sales atm

      • I just walked past my local store this afternoon and there is a new sale right now.

  • Pros are $130 RRP 🤦‍♂️

    • Daylight robbery!!😒

  • I see you're from Sydney, there's a Converse and VANS outlet store at Orange Grove. Might be worth a look.

    • There's also one at DFO, or there was last time I was there. Pretty sure Market City also have a Converse outlet

      • Might go check out market city if they are open!

  • Amazon?

  • I just use fashionlane and see whos got them on sale:

    Got white Chuck 70s for $50 start of the year from Hype.