Monitor with KVM built in

Looking for a monitor with built in KVM switch (2 upstream USB).

Finding it really hard to search for this in Google. Only monitors I can find are a few dells with this feature.

Any other possibly cheaper solutions anyone know of?

Would prefer something around 27inch 1440p, just need 60hz.


  • I bought the Gigabyte G32QC Gaming Monitor on the strength that it was showcased with this feature.

    Sadly they removed it on release! I was so mad but still kept the monitor. Good luck on your search.

  • I have a 32" 4K Dell with a built in KVM, works really well. This was the only 27" one I could find on their site. Most of the others I have seen are even larger with this feature built in, so Dell may be the only option at this size, and not sure what price point you are looking at.

  • Thanks for help guys. Doesn't seem very popular. I have found some logitech peripherals that have easy switch or something so I can connect them to multiple computers, will use that instead as it works out cheaper than going this route.

    • Rather than having to switch every device have a look at something like UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch. I have one of these and my monitor and can switch between all of my devices with just one button (not enough USB outputs on my monitor).

      • Another vote for the UGREEN switcher. I got one recently and would recommend it. Might not be as elegant of a solution but something to consider as an alternative and its a cheap fix so you can always ditch it if you don't like it!


    I have the seem needs :-),
    There are at least 3 other options
    The benq pd2700u, a 27 inch 4k minitor, 3840x2160
    An the pd3200u, also 4k but now 32 inch.
    And the pd3200q, qhd 2560x1440 , 32inch.
    I could not find a qhd, 27inch in my quick search.

    Check them out, BenQ also offer refurbished units with want, at least of the PD2700u, which makes the price freaky attractive.

    The kvm implementation is a little different than on the Dell. The USB is not linked to the video input but you have several customizable buttoned that can select the video inputs and another button that can be used to control the kvm. This can be usefull when using pbp or pip.

  • I have a Dell S2716DG which I use as a USB hub.

    I have my gaming pc connected to the DisplayPort input and Laptop connects to HDMI, so when I switch its a matter of move the usb plug to the laptop (from a USB extender reel from my PC which I got with the Logitech G930), plug in the HDMI and switch the input (2 button presses). Works well enough for me.

    If I'm going back and forth I'll generally use TeamViewer local connection from whichever is my main machine that day.