Belong Internet - Call Centre Closed (Temporarily for COVID) - Online Support Only

I don't know if anyone else that uses Belong Internet has stumbled across this, but Belong has closed their call centre temporarily for COVID and now all their support is only online.

I would be OK with that, but there is even a chat type support, you need to use a Contact Us type system and they will then contact you with 48 hours.

It is pretty hard if your NBN in your area goes down and you have to wait for up to 48 hours for someone to message you to help.

Has anyone else found this or got any other ways to contact Belong Internet support?

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  • Same with Telstra, support was bit late but was ok .

  • try dm their twitter

  • This played a big part in me moving away from Belong. They called me back the next day after I submitted the contact form, but still not good enough and it's probably down to luck how quickly someone will call you back.

  • what a nightmare! I am with Belong. You should ask for discounted pricing since the service is gone. OP what about FB. you can contact them there?

    • I will definitely try that next time as usually their NBN service is pretty good, but it has been dropping out a fair few times lately, the longest it has dropped out for was about two hours, which can be hard when working from home….

      • happened to me as well one time in Jan. Absolute worst time without internet because you cant work

        • +1

          Yep, especially with the Stage 4 COVID restrictions, we have in Melbourne.

          It's not like, I can jump in my car and go and work in the office.

  • Mine dropped out 2 times in the past 2 weeks, and modem couldn't turn back on for half an hour or so.
    Raised a case with them telling them to send me a new modem, and they called me back 7 hours later asking me to try to hire a technician myself to get the cables at my place rewired before they would even consider there's a fault with the modem.

  • Struggling with this today. I can't even find a number on Google. I moved from Telstra NBN to Belong and so far it has been a disaster. I reached out on Facebook messenger and I haven't had an answer yet.