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[Pre Order] SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset (Black) $429.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


I've been searching for this particular product and this is the cheapest I've come across.

Shipping 9 September.

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    These headphones cost more than my car

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    I had also been looking at these.
    Just fyi these are a grey import from overseas
    I ended up going with Umart - $499 for the headphones and $22 express shipping

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      I did the same…Kogan burnt me hard once on warranty…never again Kogan!

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    I've got these. Great headset.

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    Looks like I just got these in time before all the covid shenanigans. Bought these in last march for $409 from Computer Alliance Ebay. They are a very good headset, i changed the earcups on them and they sound even better.

    • What earcups did you get? Would be interested in checking them out.

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        they are wicked pads. they are made for audio technica but fit right on the arctis series.

        • did u get the straight up leather ones or the velor ones?

          • @Kossac: are these real leather or pu? descriptions says hybrid leather, what is that?

            • @Ghossst: Unsure mate
              I'm guessing PU.
              But 88dozzz might no

            • @Ghossst: its pu leather

            • @Ghossst: sorry about the late reply, can confirm its PU leather.

              • @88dozz: Hey mate. Did U get the velour version or the entire PU version?

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                  @Kossac: nah mate, i just got the PU version was $27.

                  • @88dozz: ty :) - do you get any ear sweat over long periods or anything else to speak of?

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                      @Kossac: honestly haven't had a chance to use it for more than an hour yet. i do not get a lot of time, i can just tell you it makes the sound better. i mainly noticed it in the bass :-)

    • I have the Arctis 7, what earcups/pads did you change them into? Been wanting to upgrade to a bit more audiophile-ish setup, but wireless is just too good for me.

      • check above comment mate :-)

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    At that price, look at the Audeze Penrose instead:


    Audeze are also committed to release the wireless adaptors as a seperate product alongside the two bundles, meaning you can support both console wireless protocols for a much smaller sum.

    • At that price, look at the Audeze Penrose instead:


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        It's a lossless wireless successor to the Mobius (and its budget reshell, the HyperX Cloud Orbit). Better mic than this (and likely the wireless protocol is tuned to increase the microphone bitrate), better sound quality over most of the frequency response.

        Some people don't like typical planar bass despite its clarity and slam, but the Mobius tends to differ from the traditional planar timbre that people get riled about. It was my understanding that the driver was presented as v-shaped, but apparently there's a bunch of DSP tunings built-in, including a flat frequency response that people tend to love.

        The Penrose is basically a refined Mobius, minus LDAC Bluetooth protocol and 3D headtracking, with 2.4GHz wireless in its place. Definitely worth a look at the same price as these at the very least, but I'd suggest the sound is far more refined.

        Pre-order product though, so check return policies, but the accompanying discount is pretty sweet.

        • Can you use the Mobius headtracking in games, i.e. in place of a TrackIR or EDtracker? Or it is just for audio immersion?

          • @shamowfski: It uses Waves Nx head tracking tech, so if you have a surround source and use it in one of the related 3D modes (there's a physical toggle, plus software), I believe you'll get what you're looking for.

            Keep in mind the Mobius hasn't cut price here yet (if ever), so you might find better value in the HyperX Cloud Orbit S (note: not the Cloud Orbit), which is virtually identical for your use case. I've seen the Orbit S drop to an equivalent of $350 AUD inc GST in the US, so if prices are hovering around $500, I'd hold out for a sale.

  • ooh I've been waiting for these to come down. what does this direct/grey import thing mean? anyone have experiences with kogan warranty?

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      "kogan warranty" 2 words that shouldnt be in the same paragraph … maybe even same page

      • Disagree, have made 3 warranty claims and never had an issue with them. Touch wood.

        • made 2… one took 3 month the other one disappeared and I gave up (was cheap item) to be fair both were done ~2 years ago maybe they have improved

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    Literally just this morning bought a used pair for $450… ouch.

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    I got these for 390 from umart ~6 months ago. Only complaint is trying to wear a hat under them (for head tracking). You basically have to remove the skiband. I ended up just getting a cheap golf visor to solve that problem.

  • It's amazing how the prices have shifted so much since covid-19.

  • For the people in this thread that have one, has anyone experienced the white hiss issue? I seem to have it in mine, but unsure if its wide spread, or just part of the product.

    • If you turn side tone off it should fix it

      • Its reduced but still present, will return mine for a replacement after the lock down is over.

  • of course, just as i purchase Astro A50, these go on sale…

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    Thanks OP, just bought it. How do these compare to my old (and broken on left side) hyperX II? I think I was pulling and pushing my mic component too hard and often, hopefully these SteelSeries don't have the same problem.

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    I've owned a lot of gaming headsets These are my current ones I'm rocking (actually on my second set, first one died). In between I tried a different set the Razer Nari which was OK, but came back to these.
    Here's my thoughts :)

    Hot swap batteries: Just awesome. Never having to worry about juice is such a great feature!!
    Chatmixer: Great. I would not buy a headset without a chat mixer.

    More nuanced:
    Comfort: Subjective. Overall good, no heat after long sessions, but still pretty tight compared to my personal faves the Astro's. So after like an 2 hours or so, I do find myself in some discomfort.

    Wireless connectivity: Mostly good, but has some issues. In an apartment block (like I live in) with a lot of other people and devices (lights etc) in the crowded 2.4ghz spectrum, they will disconnect/reconnect occasionally. The gold standard are the older astros on the 5ghz range, which never suffered any issues. These are still better than most 2.4ghz headsets though as the receiver is tied to the breakout mixamp so better wireless reception than most.

    Bluetooth: Overall good, since not many other headsets include it. But it does some funny things. Like on Android, it constantly pops up volume controls when media starts playing. If it's set to auto turn on, and you use auto off, the headset will turn off, but bluetooth will remain connected and drain battery. My workaround here is to keep bluetooth off (by default), but turn it on when needed.

  • Ok, so I received my headset.

    I'll provide a more technical update once I have sometime to test it properly but thought I'd share my experience so far.

    I have been tweaking the audio to adapt to Battlefield Bad Company 2 & LoL. Two old games I know, but I am still waiting for my RTX 3080 to arrive to test more modern games as I've only tested via my Laptap running a MX250 GPU.

    I am hearing sounds now that I've never heard, and I am constantly moving around in map, especially with BF2 as there is the enhance directional sound. - this is also playing in a high latency server, but despite the game being old and with lag I hear a huge difference.

    The batter last for a very long time and the DAC with the OLED panel is handy as it presents LoL Barron stats or CPU. Basically Steelseries have apps that you can integrate with that OLED that you can use. Which I find handy.

    The wireless has dropped out once. But no issues since that time. I can't find any reason to why it did, but it may be due to the laptop im using.

    I have a big head, and find the ear pieces comfortable, but find the top of the headset with the head band uncomfortable during long use. Been researching how I can improve this.

    I haven't fully tested it's capabilities yet. But happy to provide people with an update once I have my Gaming Rig built.

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