Recommend a Premium Keyboard

Hi guys,

am looking for a good keyboard for working from home. I have a Logi MX Master mouse so was looking at the MX Keys keyboard. Also had a look at Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard with Keypad. They are both quite expensive. Are there any other options you guys recommend for day to day work on Win10.
I want something that types really well.

Many thanks.


  • Go mechanical if you want the ultimate typing experience

    • i thought it is more for gaming?

      • I reckon it’s more of a preference? I use the Blackwidow Lite for smashing out uni essays and I can never go back to scissor switches which just feels mushy to me now.

      • Not just for gaming, works well for other tasks too.

        It’s just the marketing gearing itself towards the gaming demographic, as it’s more profitable than office use per-say.

      • There are many types of mechanical keyboard switches. I've personally loved using MX-brown switches, (which clack instead of click) and have nicer tactile feedback when typing, but also great for gaming (but possibly slightly less responsive… but who knows. Gamers are weird creatures).

        Since using it, I hate typing on my Macbook at work. I would highly recommend looking at a mid-tier mechanical keyboard like the Ducky as opposed to a apple magic keyboard, which is decent at best, and the only selling point would be its easy compatibility with mac products (for its price).

      • can people pls neg me no more? I was asking a genuine question =)

      • No, definitely not for gaming only. Look up custom mechanical keyboards

      • It is more for gaming. I find it pretty bad for fast typing. I have a Corsair K70 SE MK2 with low profile speed switches and it's still not that great. It's meant to be one of the quietest for mechanical keys too but there's still lots of clicking, just feels it's dulled down a little bit. If you're only after a keyboard for typing don't get mechanical. Problem is all the best features are saved for mechanical boards

  • really appreciate your opinions. Any wireless ones you would recommend? I don't want wires if possible =)

  • The MX Keys Keyboard may be expensive, but if you're using it to work from home, surely you can claim it as a tax deduction?

  • Cherry MX all the way.

    I personally have a Logitech G710 with MX Blue switches.

    I type 95-115 wpm and find these to be amazing. Brown switch if you want the tactile feel but less 'click

    MX Red is for gamers or people who have no feeling in their finger tips ;)

    • You should try out Kaihl Box clicky switches then! Makes the blues feels and sounds mushy

  • Your expectations will have to align with your budget, which you haven't specified. The price ranges are probably wider than you think. Maybe start of with your current keyboard. What do you want your next keyboard to be better at?

    Some other things to consider:
    - standard membrane key switches vs mechanical key switches
    - low profile (similar to apple keyboards and laptop switches) vs standard/high profile (like the ones usually used with desktops).
    - wired / wireless (looks like you're after this feature?)
    - size : full size / tenkeyless / compact
    - additional optional features : RGB , trackpad, USB port on the keyboard, portable, etc.

    If your requirements are modest, I would try to avoid anything with a 'gaming' tag (unless its heavily discounted), that usually means they will price it higher than a standard keyboard. It would usually come with additional gaming-focused features you won't use (gaming hotkeys, software, etc).

    Most people who go with mechanical keyboards, stick with mechanical keyboards. That said, you don't have to follow the trend. These are generally pricier. If you do decide to try mechanical keyboards, a common issue for first-timers is when they pickup something with a very clicky mechanical switch (like Cherry MX Blues, etc). These are really nice to type on but come with a loud clicky sound with every keystroke. This may not be ideal in some environments. Maybe start with a budget mechanical keyboard to see if its right for you?

    • thank you so much for the super informative comment!

      1. no idea about the switches. I have never used a mechanical switch.
      2. low profile preferred - I like a sleek flat design
      3. wireless preferred - dislike cables on the desk
      4. full size with keypad
      5. no need for additional features, just something that looks nice and types well!

      Yeah, I wasn't so sure about those black backlit gaming keyboards. I believe they will type well but they don't seem aesthetic enough to me (personal taste gamers, no hard feelings). However, I don't mind the look of this one

      Any MX Keys user out there?

      • Grab the silent red version of that since you want quietness. (red vs silent red)

        Although for both mine and your version, require a wire, so it is NOT wireless.

      • That Leopold keyboard looks pretty cool. Not wireless unfortunately.

        So you're after a full-sized, wireless keyboard which is also low-profile.

        There are probably more options out there, but a couple come to mind:
        - Logitech G915
        - Keychron K1 or K4

        Also saw the Cooler Master SK650 but that doesn't appear to be wireless.

        I have not tried any of these keyboards, so I recommend you do your own research on them. My current keyboards would not suit you, so I can't recommend them.

        If you want to improve your typing experience, I think its also worth checking out some dedicated keyboard wrist rests. Also another thing that once you try, you probably will keep using.

        • I second the Logitech G915. I was recently shopping for a new keyboard as my previous Razer Lycosa is worn out after having it for about 10 years (all the plastic are like melting from sweat, as I sweat a lot)

          I was comparing a few keyboards including the MX Keys and Logitech G815/G915 (G815 is the wired version of the G915)

          I have also tested out a few Razer mechanical keyboards.

          I personally prefer low profile keys (such as laptop type keys with less travel) and after testing out the Razer mechanical keyboards I wasn't the biggest fan of it.

          I haven't used a mechanical keyboard for a long time (the last 1 I used was my first keyboard, which was the IBM Model M, that was about 25 years ago, I actually liked it back then)

          The G815 was similar price to the MX Keys and I end up chosing the G815 with the Tactile switches. Since you have mentioned that you prefer the low profile keys I Would suggest giving all of them a try if possible before purchase as keyboard is something that is very personal (I was able to try the MX keys, and some Razer) and still end up choosing the G815 (I couldn't find any to test it out but still decided to go with it).

          Have to say I am very happy with it and the bonus is that it looks cool. The only thing I don't like so far is the Macro switches on the left hand side of the keys which I was keep mis clicking initially but I am now much more used to it and it rarely happens.

          I am a software developer so I do use my keyboard quiet a lot. I found that my fingers was hurting when was using a cheap logitech K120 which I had lying around before I got the new keyboard after a while.

  • I'm using an MX Keys at home with 3 computers - 2 laptops and a desktop. The switching functionality is super convenient, especially with Logitech Flow and paired with my MX Master 2S mouse.

    It feels like a very solid unit, it's primarily made out of metal. The typing isn't as satisfying as a mechanical keyboard, but it is way slimmer and is a nice bit of kit to use.

  • I bought the Motospeed GK89 TKL Wireless keyboard for around $65 AUD on Aliexpress, decent keyboard although I have noticed the right arrow key lacks sensitivity possibly due to manufacturing defect. I chose the brown switch as it was less noisier than blue switches.

    You can get it for the same price on Amazon Au and it comes in different colours and key switch variants (Blue and Red currently). Worth taking a look if you want to save a few bucks and not spend too much on a KB.

    Do not that it's TenKeyless, meaning there's no keypad.

  • +1 vote

    Razer blackwidow ultimate 👍👍

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    Model M

  • I am quite happy with my Yamaha P125

  • I got this RGB E-element mechanical keyboard for $59. It’s no ducky but this is decent with fast Australian shipping. Very satisfied for what I paid.

    • I have this one too!

      It's my first mechanical keyboard, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it definitely performs above what I was expecting for the price.

  • Bought this for ISO work from home, been great so far. Does not take up much space, very solid feel and quiet.

  • How about a Logitech K780? I bought one on Tuesday and it's been great so far. Nice solid keys, premium feel, has a number pad and all in a sleek design.

    Cheapest around is $98 from Bing Lee although Mwave have it listed on their website for $79 but have no stock. On Monday night I received an email from Mwave saying they had limited stock. First thing next morning I raced into Officeworks to get a price-beat and ended up paying only $75. Unfortunately Mwave has sold out again but if you can wait a few weeks then it might come back in stock again (just sign up for their notification email).

  • I want something that types really well.

    Say no more.
    Topre Realforce.
    But they are about US$240 at the moment. I bought mine from PCCG in 2012 for $235 - fantastic keyboard.

    • wow, 8 years on still using it? It must have been worth every penny.
      The issue with these great keyboards is the lack of distribution channels! It is not easy to get one without added premium for the lack of supply.

      • It's great. Mine has variable weighting so the little finger and ring finger keys require less pressure on them to activate.Great for lots of touch typing.
        There is a another version where all keys require the same weighting.I'll probably still be using it in another 8 years ;)

    • Haha i was just about to say topre realforce

  • Everyone's in love with mechanical keyboards but I still prefer the low profile ones.

    I have this one:

    And also the backlit version (not linked). It's decent because it's bluetooth so works with the PC/laptop/ipad (can be paired with 4 devices via key selectors in the top right of the keyboard). Note the backlit version has a separate battery for the backlight so it doesn't impact keyboard battery life.

    Though I would also consider

    They're pretty quiet compared to mechanical keyboards and my typing speed on them is really good.

    I haven't used an MX Keys keyboard, probably because I have a cheaper wireless logitech keyboard that is horrible to type on and I bought my Matias keyboards before it launched.

    • I really like my Microsoft Designer bluetooth keyboard, and as far as I can tell, the Surface keyboard is basically a full sized version of one of those. Nice and quiet to type on but fantastic feel.

      • I also have this keyboard. The Surface keyboard (I assume you're talking about the silver one and not the one on the laptops) is basically the same, but slightly bigger and made from aluminium)

  • thank you all for the comments guys!
    I have now settled with this one -

    The reviewers said it is great for productivity. I got it through the commercial site which costed only $114!.

    • Ok but not really a premium keyboard per se.
      Hope you enjoy it though.

      • yeah, it is not as premium as the MX Keys. However, it is nearly 1/2 of its price and looks similar (low profile, solid build)

    • Cool. Looks like an Apple keyboard with dark/night theme.

      • Yeah but cheaper and has a mouse.

        • Good you didn't go mechanical with your preferences - I think you would hate it. Problem with wireless keyboards and mice is unless its top of the line, there can be small dropouts and lag occasionally, which usually becomes more and more over time when the receiver wears out. Also materials used are not the best. Not sure what PC you have but will help if you connect to USB DAC if you have one on the board? so it's direct and singular power to limit any dropouts.

  • i got a logitech g613, sorta feels mechanical

  • Also had a look at Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard with Keypad

    My favourite keyboard (in Black) ever.

  • G613 is perfect for me.. I am even considering taking it to work with me!

  • FYI, I bought a DAS Keyboard with Cherry Red keys about 5 years ago. Still going strong and I love it.

    Definitely try out the keyboard before you buy it. Some of the mechanical keyboards are really loud or clicky as others have mentioned.

  • WASD keyboard with Cherry MX Clears, the perfect mix of mechanical vs 'regular' key feel. You can even do custom key colours to create your own style / design.

    They are a bit more expensive, but you can claim on tax for work purposes and it'll last forever.

  • Anne Pro 2 but it’s pretty much sold out world wide atm.

    You can try the different types of keys at JB Hifi.

    We received our order last week and I can understand the hype.

  • I've had an IBM Model M for as long as I can remember, but at work I use a cheap Kogan with Cherry MX blue clones.

    Wanting to try something new, I put the Model M in storage and replaced it with a Filco Majestouch convertible with Cherry MX brown switches. It's plugged into my main PC via mini USB cable and I like that I can instantly pair to my work laptop via Bluetooth. It would be even better if the cable was USB-C and had backlit keys.

  • Ducky Keyboards. Buy them off PCG. Brown switches are a nice balance, love the feel. Naturally what specific model depends on what size you want.