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[PS4, XB1] Free Key - NBA 2K20 @ Godankey


Just saw this on Facebook. I received an email in five minutes and have redeemed the game.

Redeeming on PS4 -

Go to PlayStation Store and click on your Avatar at the top of the screen. Select [Redeem Codes] from the drop-down menu. Carefully enter the code and select [Redeem]. The credit or content is now applied to your account.

XB1 link

Redeeming on XB1 -

You can redeem your free NBA 2K20 game via your console or via the web — https://live.xbox.com/redeemtoken

Credit to the poster on Facebook.

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  • +3


    Already have from plus I presume. Though you'd think this would ensure it stays on my account…

    • Yep anyone who has playstation plus, probably has this

  • +1

    Got mine. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    The XB1 giveaway has run out of keys.
    The PS4 one still has keys.

  • Works. Thanks

  • All gone? At least fr xb1 they are

  • Thank you, just redeemed mine!

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Got the PS4 code and redeemed after a couple of minutes. Thank you OP!

    Used a temp email to avoid spam :)


  • I have a ps4 code i don't need… will trade of xbox code..

  • Xbox -
    Ooops… this campaign doesn't have any keys left
    Check later to see if more keys have been added

  • +1

    PS4 key: CLFX-QJNL-4P3R

    Must have it through plus.

  • -1

    Looks like it’s over for ps4



  • All gone on PS4

  • Just missed out :(

  • THANK YOU.. Got mine at 1:11pm

  • +2

    I have a code for PS4, meant to get XB1 but that's fine, hope someone can use this.
    Please be courteous and comment if you claimed it.


    ???? = BENQ if the 'B' was an '8' instead.

  • +3

    Seems I already have it for PS4, someone can have my code: CGAD-RRNQ-DF4C

    • +1

      Thanks, my good sir.

  • Missed it, wanted the Xbox one but too late, nice find. If any kind soul have a spare Xbox code, appreciate it.

  • +1

    CGP4-55N7-7FDH - PS4 code. Already had it from PS+

  • -1

    Does anyone have a PS4 code? Please PM me :) Thanks

  • -2

    My nep[hew would love a PS4 code if anyone has it, thanks

  • Does anyone have a XB1 code? Please PM me :) Thanks

  • Anyone got PS4, can you please PM me the code?

  • XB1 code would be great if anyone can message me a spare please.

  • After a Ps4 code. please PM.

  • Missed it for PS4 :/

    • +4

      Not everyone has PS Plus subscription?
      I haven't bought the subscription in years as I simply don't game enough to justify paying for one. Even when I do put in some game time, I don't bother with multiplayer.

  • Also after an Xbox code if anybody can spare? Tend to miss out on these giveaways.

  • Does anyone have a XB1 spare code? PM me Please, thank you.

  • Thanks! Got one for ps4

  • Anyone got PS4, can you please PM me the code?

  • Hi, if anyone has a PS4 key spare, if you can please PM me. Many thanks.

  • Hmm missed it. If you have a spare XB1 key, please PM.thx.

  • I submitted for PS but still haven't received a key. Nothing in spam/junk.

  • +1

    Games like this with predatory MTX systems should be free anyway.

  • wouldn't say no to a x1 key lol

  • Dang, would appreciate a PS4 key if anyone has a spare and they want to pm. Used to love this series. Thanks

  • Good timing - pretty sure I got a push notification the other day stating that 2K20 is being pulled from Xbox GamePass soon.

  • If anyone got spare ps4 key, please PM me.

  • anyone with a spare ps4 key also please pm :)

  • +1

    Hi seems like i already claimed this onmy account from PS Plus. Spare key below


    Thanks OP

  • Pls PM is anyone has a spare key for PS4. Thanks!

  • Any spare Xbox codes anyone?

    • +1

      Here is a code

  • Would any kind fella be willing to PM me a spare PS4 key? :D

  • Any spare keys? Ps4

  • -3

    I will take any unwanted keys for Xbox 1, doesn't have to be this. Please PM and thank you in advance :)

  • Anyone with key? asked earlier but no luck so far. Pls PM me if you gave one you do not need. Tks

  • A spare PS4 key would make an awesome Fathers Day gift! TIA

  • Xbox key anyone? Pm not through comment section please.

  • Anyone with a spare ps4 key also please pm :)

  • Looking for PS4 key if anyone got one to spare

  • Thanks for sharing the link OP

    For anyone that did get a code and started playing NBA 2K20, here are some active locker codes:


  • By any chance, does anyone still have a spare PS4 code? Please PM me. Thanks in advance

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