Please Share The Best Way to Search Amazon

Hi all

As Prime member, I would like maximize its benefits. But I found it is hard to find what I am looking for in Amazon site.

For example, I search for "office chair", filter by Prime, and it returns only less than 10 items.

Imho, it is worst than ebay. It is hard to find stuff on special deals. At least, now ebay provide search box within the current deal.

Anyone has tips how to search Amazon effectively?

Thanks all

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    I just did your exact example and got 192 results

    • But if you look at those 192 results you will see less than 10 of them are actual office chairs.

    • oh my bad, I should mentioned I filter search by department (home and office furniture) as well. It returns more accurate results. Whereas your example (without filter by department, it returns other stuffs like neck massager, mat, seat cushion etc). Thanks for responding.

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    they are good as amazon price tracker :D :D

    Disclaimer: please use Ozb as the first source of bargain!

    • Isn’t camel camel camel mainly for Amazon US? Their AU version has nothing

  • Thanks for sharing. But its results show other things than chair and its paging only up to 10?

    • Maybe they're the only listings available because you want free Prime shipping, and stores don't want to deal with that…?

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    In my experience Amazon are pretty good if you know exactly what you want (i.e. specific product down to the model number), but terrible if you're just generally browsing…I usually go to other sites that have better filtering/categorisation systems to research products there and then come back to Amazon to check prices.

  • it annoying, the search function does work
    search for lego creator and u get hundreds of hits and u can see what you want (in random order)
    select prime and order them to low to highest price and they disappear (only random lego and not the one i could see that was cheap and prime and available)
    i find clicking the brand/seller works sometimes (when u know what you want) but sometimes the seller page is not searchable

    the app has issues, usually the desktop website is better


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    Amazon search is crap. I use google to search amazon by typing the item and the word amazon. i often find items that never show in Amazon search. So weird

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      Agree, searching on amazon is like finding a book in a library

      • Except in a library you may find the book you want, eventually… :-)

  • Amazon AU is missing a lot of stuff. If there's anything I want like sign writing vinyl or some tools or material, it's never on Amazon AU and always on the US Amazon. And it's almost always cheaper to buy it from US Amazon even if it doesn't qualify for Prime, than it is to buy anywhere on eBay or anywhere in Australia. In a few years Amazon's supply line will expand to Australia more fully and we'll be able to buy anything. Their algorithms will automatically move stock nearer to Australia because it knows we will buy X amount of it.

  • I find browsing on Amazon hopeless. I have vouchers on both the AU and US sites that are just sitting there unspent because when I go for a general browse it just doesn't serve up anything interesting.

  • You really need to know what you want, typing in the brand/model is the best way to search. I have got some absolutely amazing bargains off Amazon, stuff you'd never see for even half as cheap in the retail stores. But you have to be lucky. Their dynamic pricing can be very frustrating but sometimes you get some steals.

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    They’re website is atrocious - it’s incredible to think they’re one of the most successful retailers in the world.

  • probably not putting to much effort into it because they are only serving 25 million people here and 328 million in the usa.

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