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Baccarat Wolfgang Starke Cleaver Knife 17.5cm $30 (RRP $99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just ordered one before posting here. I was looking for a good cleaver knife on sale and saw this deal today. The quality may not be good as the popular and expensive brands like Global G12 G-12 Japanese Meat Chopper Cleaver Knife or Victorinox but still not a bad deal when we get a German steel cleaver for $30. I bought a baccarat cuisinpro santoku knife a few months ago and the knife is pretty good. So I hope this one won't disappoint me. You can find the same deal at House.com, Robins Kitchen, and Kogan, however you have to pay another $10 for the delivery. Don't forget to use 'cash rewards' for the cash back as well.

Features(shamelessly copied from their website)

Blades are produced with a controlled tempered process to ensure the best possible hardness, toughness and flexibility

Tapered ground blade has been designed to withstand more cutting and slicing through a variety of foods

Ice hardened to ensure the sharpness of the blade and then tempered to enhance the strength

Rockwell hardness tested to guarantee the highest level of hardness and tensile strength

Forged to produce perfect control, weight and balance

Full tangs are triple riveted to the handles for exceptional durability and control


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Seems like house has a sale across all Baccarat Wolfgang knives. Assuming Amazon is matching them as it's $30 there too


    • Actually, it's sold by House via Amazon marketplace.

      Ships from and sold by HouseOnline.

      • Makes more sense then, should have actually clicked on the amazon link haha

  • How would you sharpen this? Just with a regular knife sharpener or do you need a fancy (special water sharpener) one? And how often do you need to sharpen it? Once 6-12 months?

    I heard from comments here on previous deals, that this brand is on the low end. What’s another middle-higher end brand that’s worth paying more for?

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      I heard from comments here on previous deals, that this brand is on the low end. What’s another middle-higher end brand that’s worth paying more for?


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      What's your budget?

      • Appreciate the information. I don't really have a budget since I never really gave a second thought to what knives I buy. But I'll start looking into it

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      I prefer to use a large vertical stone wheel, operated by a foot gear. Sure, there are more efficient options but you cant beat that nostalgic feeling..

      • I miss the old wheel in my granddad's smithy

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      Japanese: Shun, Global
      German: F.Dick, Wusthof.

  • It is $30 from several stores. RRP is overprice.

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    German stainless steel, but made in China?

    • Very likely.

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      I got a baccarat knife not very long ago and it already has rust spots forming. The quality of the metal is very low.

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    For those on a budget this $8 cleaver from kmart is large and heavy.

    It's blunt AF out of the box, so it will need an aggressive sharpening (not honing rod) prior to use.


    • Could you elaborate a bit and link to an aggressive sharpening tool? Im not sure what you mean by his. And what’s wrong with using a regular sharpening tool?

      • I was being a bit dramatic….. Any sharpening tool should be fine, you'll just need to make lots of passes initially.

        I'm guessing they don't fully sharpen their knives for safety reasons.

        Not widthstanding that, it's a big heavy knife for $8.

    • For domestic use only

      Unless you're an awesome 80s henchman!

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    Thanks Krism, ordered one.

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    Just buy 5 Kiwi knives

  • I bought a Baccarat chefs knife about a month and a half ago, it's already got rust spots forming. So while these are shaped like knives and weigh as much as knives do, the quality of the metal is through the floor.

    • they aren't the best quality but I have to question how you treat your knives? I have a baccarat Wolfgang starke chef knife and it hasn't really shown signs of rust yet and its probably been a year. Definitely not my favourite of knives but eh its cheap

  • sold out. anyone got another source

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