What Do The Letters on The Suit Mean?

I'm trying to work out what suit to buy since I don't want to go out during covid19, but I need to a new suit because I burned it whilst cooking; being the brain dead I am. A WFH nightmare!

Suppose the size is 90NR. The R refers to regular, but what does the N refer to? I'm also not sure how to match the sizes as I don't want to accidently buy the smaller size online. I'm fairly certain the 90 is the waist measurement rather than the bust from what I can tell from measuring myself.

Has anyone had any luck buying suits online? What stores would allow shipping and returns? Is there anywhere to buy multiple sizes, pick out the one I need and return the rest via express post or something?


  • The website has no sizing chart or customer service contact?

    • Yeah, it does have it but I'm not sure if I'm measuring it correctly or not. Should the bust be bigger than the size number? There should be some extra space right?

      I looked on ebay and it's got something similar and the measurement is around 10cm higher than the size number. That should be correct since you don't want to have something that wraps too tightly around you.

      I'm not sure if the customer support would be open at this time of the night. lol.

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    Just remember different brands will have different sizings. Even within a brand there can be different cuts. A 90R can be slim/regular (the regular in the 90R is length).

    Honestly I couldn't buy a suit without trying it on.

    • Yeah. I decided to go out tomorrow. Damn. It will be worth it.

  • It might be the name of the person it belongs to

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      Oh, snap! It belongs to Nick Riviera.

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    I guess 90NR would be for a suit jacket size. 90 would be chest size, N for narrow (slim) cut and R for regular jacket length. Without knowing the brand, hard to say.

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