Oakley Prizm Sport Lens - Which One to Choose?

After breaking numerous sunnies over the years I have decided to go for something a bit more durable. I found the Oakley Flax 2.0 XL but it seems choosing a lens is more difficult than choosing frames. I would be using them for day-to-day situations, taking my niece to the park, hiking, walking down the st, possibly a run, or as passenger in car.

I haven't decided weather to go polarised or not. I have always worn polarised although they do have their cons. My old pair were frustratingly on-off-on again as I went from sun to shade to sun. I considered photochromic although the reviews didn't seem as good. I found a chart that compared the lenses light transmission and was tossing up between Prizm Field and Prizm Trail but thought the former might not let enough light in and latter might have too much light transmission for my needs.This left me leaning towards Dark Golf with VLT of 22% although am still totally confused as I have always picked the cheapest pair I could find and not considered the VLT.

Curious if anyone has used the Flax 2.0 XL and more specifically which lens did you pick? Any suggestions much appreciated.


  • I don't think people buy Oakleys for the durability. Especially half-rimless. I've had a few and they're all pretty cheap plastic.

    Having said that, I would definitely go for polarised.

    • My dad has had a pair for years and I thought others would have had similar experiences. I wouldn't have thought one would be buying Oakleys year upon year but hence why I came here for advice first. I tried them on and thought they felt a bit more flexible as I always seem to crack the frame. Is there something similar you would recommend that is more durable that can be used for such situations? I wanted something sporty but not to the extent of those race/cycling glasses that would look out of place anywhere else. The flax seemed to fit that middle ground.

      • I don't really have any alternative suggestions as it's quite subjective. I too wear the brand but I don't personally see them as particularly high quality or durable. They are after all cheap overpriced Luxottica products.

        Everything looked after will last, even $5 petrol station glasses.

        • Thanks for the info. Although I believe you get what you pay for I do agree they are overpriced. However was planning to wait for the next Oakley/Sunglass Hut sale to somewhat justify the price. I actually look after everything else I own really well. For instance, have never broken a smartphone. However, for some reason have no luck with sunnies!

    • Just thought I'd chime in here. I bought a pair of custom RadarPath in '13 and they have held up extremely well - I still use them for both road cycling and mountain biking and they have definitely been used and abused. The plastic may not feel the most durable in the world but it is sturdy.

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      I had concerns about carrying my Oakley snow lenses in just a soft bag in my backpack in case I fell and landed on them.
      Apparently the guys at the Oakley store get this all the time, without even hesitating he took out a demo lens, dropped it on the ground and stomped it it a few times. The lens didn't even scratch.

      • I haven't had any problems with lenses in any of the sunnies I have owned, but pleasing to know they will hold up. Its usually the frame cracking from putting them in a backpack or bending them open to slide them on that I end up breaking them.

  • I wish you success on your speed dealing endeavours.

  • I walked away from Oakley years ago because i was sick and tired of the lenses scratching all the time. Are they still like that ?????
    Although i like there Ridgeline model.

    Bought a pair of Polarised Bolle and they have lasted for years, there not scratched at all,I try my best to look after them.

    The girlfriend and i met the guy and his wife from Tonic Sunglasses while out a few years back, told him about my experience with Oakleys and he took his pair off and rubbed a coin in the lenses. No scratching, Pretty sure he had something to do with Spotters also…

    • Iv'e just had a look at Bolle. They have some pretty good designs. I actually like that they seem to hook over the ear a bit more as opposed to the Oakleys. Only problem I couldn't get their retailer checklist to work to find somewhere around me where I can try them on.

  • If you do end up scratching/damaging the lenses, try Revant Optics for the replacements. Many different types of polarised/non-polarised/tint combinations. I ordered three pairs of lenses for various Frogskins and they are better than the original Oakley lenses and much cheaper!