Men, What's Your Best Underwear?

Been using Bond's for sometime now, wondering what everyone's wearing ( not in a naughty way….) that's comfortable.


  • C-in2 brand, specifically their Punt range with bamboo. Very comfortable and very high quality, they last for years. I won't buy anything else now. I used to use Bonds but these are far better in quality, comfort and longevity. RRP is pricey but if you sign up to their web site and wait, they have big sales via email which makes them a good price.

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    I only wear Cotton.

    Calvin Klein (from their own website or store) is good and not the factory second crap from other retailers.
    Armani is good.
    Tomy Hilfiger from the USA or from their store.

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    This one here. No alternative for it.

    • LoL

  • Ozballgain.

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    Tradie for the win. Affordable and comfortable

  • Classic Triumph.


    Chirp chirp…



  • So many recommendations. :o The most el cheapo ones seem fine to me.

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    Uniqlo MEN Seamless Trunks is the most comfortable ones I've had. Unfortunately, doesn't seem like they sell them in Australia - I bought them overseas.

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    I've been Bonds loyal for a long time and they used to be indestructible but that is no longer the case. I notice the elastic going prematurely and material thinning and getting holes in around a year.

    Based on the comments here it looks like I'm switching to Uniqlo Airisms.

  • StepOne - was disappointed.

    Felt like magic for the first few weeks.

    But they started to pill up after 2 or 3 washes and no longer felt good. Cold wash, line dry.

    StepOne said don't wash them with jeans or anything with a zipper (hadn't done so) and to use a washing bag.

    Pulled one pair up and the band separated - so big hole on side -> bin.

    Plus they take forever to dry - but I could handle that if they didn't pill up.

    Looking forward to trying the Airism's after reading this thread.

  • Rio briefs that have lasted ~100 years. Accept no substitute.

  • Hanes is the best

  • Debriefs hands down the best so far.

  • Im from Canada an love my Saxx boxers or my Mypkg boxers. Have had both brands for almost 3 years here in Oz and theyre still going. Bought some anko crap, Bonds junk and some no-name Big W and they are terrible. Closest I found here in this country to be comparable is jockey but the fit isnt there. Just bought some knobby to try as the designs look cool but we will see

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    Anything that Kmart, Big W or Best & Less sell on clearance sales

  • Boody Organic.

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