Cat Constipated, Can't Buy Pumpkin Puree Anywhere!

my cat is constipated, Asked around online, the best way is to give pumpkin puree. But I can't find it anywhere in Australia, when to woollies, they say they only have pumpkin.


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    try the baby section
    or make ur own

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    Why don't you cook (let cool and throw in blender) the pumpkin & 'puree' yourself?

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    Canned pumpkin puree, which is everywhere in the USA to make dessert pies, is not readily available in Australia.

    Your best bet is to microwave some chunks of butternut pumpkin and blend it/mash it up. Same thing, really.

  • when to woollies


    • In woolloomoolloo

    • when went to woolies

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        I'm imagining a world where online forums are restricted to those who pass basic literacy tests. I can feel my blood pressure dropping.

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      blame ANU, they only require 6.5 for english exam to enrol into their master degree

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    This is very random. but yeah, buy a cut of pumpkin, boil it and puree?

    • Which end of the cat do you apply the paraffin oil?

      • It's like sheep dip.

    • Oh yeah, I have seen it at Coles before.

      Not entirely sure it's actually pumpkin puree, though - seemed more like a 'pie filling' (which probably would consist of high fructose corn syrup and cream with a dash of pumpkin).

      Your link doesn't actually resolve for me though, so probably not available in my area.

      • The description says:
        Pure Pumpkin 100%

  • Have you tried using a fork or a spoon?

    • Might be better to get a new cat altogether - current one seems defective.

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    I'm still trying to figure out how you get a cat to eat pumpkin??? I know my cat would not go for that (& I'd prefer not to bleed).

    I'm surprised they don't make a flavoured oil laxative that a cat (or dog) would like?

    • I'm surprised they don't make a flavoured oil laxative that a cat (or dog) would like?

      You can mix in paraffin oil. Fish oil is good for coats. Or sprinkle in psyllium/Metamucil to bulk up poo.

  • Use the finger!

    I'm sorry lol

    • Haiyah…

  • A quarter metric teaspoon of psyllium soaked in water to form gel and mixed with food with extra water will help, (Once per day) as well as egg yolk and raw fat.

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    Steam some pumpkin and mush or puree it yourself. Make sure there are multiple bowls of fresh water around the house. There are some light duty laxatives you can get at petbarn that might help.

    Cats are usually excellent at maintaining their digestive system as long as they are fed a healthy diet with plenty fresh water. Try all above. Hoping the little one feels better soon. Cheers!

  • If only there was a way to make pumpkin puree. This post is hilarious.

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