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Tool Opiate Vinyl $12.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


My first submission so be gentle. Criminally low price.

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  • Good price, but it's been that price or lower for a long time. I've seen it around $11 for the past several months.

    • Yeah fluctuates at low prices fairly often. There's been a bit of debate about the pressing quality too so I have avoided it.

  • I wanted to buy a tool to cut opaque vinyl and acrylic (to make a case for my 3D printer) but this isn't what I thought it was!

  • Compact disc only $12.41

    • Far better audio quality.

      • no one buys vinyls for audio quality ahahaha

        • Ackkktualyyyy…Nah but they do for warmer sound signatures

          • @Skinnerr: I should have clarified in my reply to Diji1's claim that no one buys vinyl for objectively better quality.
            The iconic "warm" sound signature that people like is due to harmonic distortion.


            • @Bacons: Err that's the only reason I buy records… Unfortunately, not very often because decent audiophile pressings are few and far between these days. I will say though, it's not because of the vinyl itself, couldn't care less what media is used, but vinyl is usually where you'll find the best mastering/dr.

              • @unknown: You do realise that there are forums such as AudioScienceReview that are 100% based on measurements right? The days of audiophile snake oil are over. Don't come telling me my source is inadequate when you have zero evidence for your own claims.

                • @Bacons: Eyeroll. Yes, I am aware of audiosciencereview, what exactly are you trying to prove? If you had removed your head from your arse long enough to actually read my comment, or even your own 'source' (of which I made no mention), you would realise that I'm not talking about vinyl itself being a better quality format.

                  Vinyl is a flawed medium, from physical limitations to potential for defects, and simply just being a pain to clean and play, you won't hear disagreement from me there. However, you will often find the mastering and dynamic range on records to be superior to their digital counterpart, an unfortunate relic from the loudness wars, and one your 'source' even refers to. Amusingly this is also due in part to the mentioned limitations of vinyl which encourages better, more thoughtful mastering by the engineer.

                  It's not always the case, and less so with modern music, but it is an important factor that certainly equates to objectively better quality, determining the medium of an album I'll choose to listen to. I would love to have good digital copies of some of my favourite albums that haven't been brickwalled and compressed to hell, sadly they just don't exist, not including vinyl rips or the occasional rarely released SACD. Don't believe me? Want your '100% based on measurements' data? Go look at the dynamic range database and tell me I have zero evidence for my 'claims'.

                  • @unknown: ahaha that's actually my bad. I got mad cause I misread and misunderstood your comment about the audiophile pressings part. My apologies

                    Please forgive my rude comment above I'll try not to make the same mistake.

                    You're right about the dynamic range thing and I too have sought after some older digital masters that haven't been butchered by compression.

                    Regarding the source business, I was more asking you back up your "vinyl is usually where you'll find the best mastering/dr" by linking a source or at least explaining the logic behind it a bit.

                    I think we have the same idea on this vinyl vs digital business, I mostly agree with you but I think I'm just caught up on semantics.

                    • @Bacons: No worries man. Apologies for my own rude comment, I guess we both got a bit caught up with semantics haha.

                      If you're interested and haven't used the site before, dr.loudness-war.info is great for comparing dynamic range. Different country and year releases, advertised remasters, digital, vinyl etc. It might not have everything, but can help if you're after something specific. A quick example that comes to mind to illustrate my earlier point of digital vs vinyl masters is Icky Thump.

                      But, you're absolutely right that older/different digital masters can be better than one another, including vinyl as well. This whole space is a bit of a minefield of misinformation, snake oil and crazy people haha. Take care.

          • @Skinnerr: I agree. But I wonder there must be a way to filter that warmness into all music. I think a better reason to buy cheap vinyl is you get the big cover art, in the size it was meant to be seen for these classic albums. This 1992 album probably not a great example of that, probably most art was designed for a CD jewel case by then, but who knows with Tool.

      • The quality of printing on the tiny disc cover is much worse though. The big art on vinyl is printed at a much higher quality.

      • Upvoted because true. I like the sound of vinyl more than CD, but I can admit that is because I enjoy the harmonic distortion of vinyl, CD is far cleaner and more detailed.

    • Also worth buying!

  • Lateralus is $53 :(

  • Not really a bargain. It is normally this price. It goes down as well..

  • Back when CD killed Vinyl, record companies used the vinyl as packing. My local record store used to give them away to save them from the garbage 🗑

  • Why does every new poster ask everyone to be gentle? A post won't take out your virginity and leave you by the dumpster.. 😏

  • Upvote for tool

  • This is the normal price according to the three wise camels.

    • Lols like it’s been even cheaper. Why isn’t there a three wise camel link automatically generated with each Amazon submission 🐪 🐫 🐪 Scotty is a genius, he could code it in his sleep.

      • You don’t see the grey box at the box of the description?

        • I just assumed it was an ad so I didn't pay much attention to it. What if it actually told you what the prices were or showed you a little history graph. A lot of people rush to buy some supposed deals that aren't deals in the end, despite the camel link being there. Something more upfront and visual might save some overeager people a few dollars.

  • be gentle?! that's the last thing I'd expect a Tool fan would say…

  • Might listen to some Tool now while I browse for a bargain. I'm thinking Pneuma from their latest.

  • design for lateralus is my favourite, remember seeing a shop wall with just those when it released.

  • Learn to swim

  • Cheap record! Support your local music stores when you Can.

  • Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 months.

    • Mine said delivered by August 28 when I got to checkout.

    • Ordered mine on the 23rd. It did give me a warning it would arrive in november, but quickly updated that to say it would arrive between 28th of August and the 7th of September. Arrived today on the 26th of August. Granted I've got a prime membership so it'd be interesting to see what other postage times look like.

  • Amazon UK has some nice deals on vinyl at the moment.

    • The postage is killer though, and they don't seem to combine postage for multiple vinyls, any way around this?

      • Prime membership. With international purchases of $49+ you get free shipping.

        • Thank you wise sir. I just pulled the trigger on 8 vinyls I had sitting in my wish list. I hope some of this money goes back to support the bands. I will look to buy from local record stores when they re open.

  • Comes with secret track so even more of a bargain.