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HorrorBabble Audiobooks Bundle 4 - US$3 (~A$4.20) Minimum @ Groupees


A new audiobook bundle has started on Groupees from HorrorBabble a UK production company who produce audiobooks of classic horror and science fiction stories. HorrorBabble have a popular channel on YouTube and have been featured numerous times in horror magazine Rue Morgue also 20% of your payment will be donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $3 minimum you get:

The Damned Thing
Mother of Toads
The Night Wire
The Ordeal of Wooden-Face
The Pale Man
Up Under the Roof
The Silver Knife
The Creeper in the Crypt
The Secret in the Tomb
The Swooping Wind

For $6 minimum you also get:

The Crooked Smile
The Treader of the Dust
The Lady in Gray
Creeping Fingers
The Horror Undying
The House of Shadows
The Furnished Room
The Diary of Philip Westerly
The Night They Crashed the Party
Dig Me No Grave

For $9 minimum you also get:

The Thing in the Cellar
The Red Brain
The House of Living Music
In Amundsen's Tent
The House Party at Smoky Island
It All Came True in the Woods
The Believers
Pigeons from Hell
The Seance

Once sales pass $1,500 you will also get:

The Opener of the Way

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