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Ultimate Gangsters Box Set (5 Movies, Now with Scarface) - AUD $29 Delivered @ Zavvi


Similar to a deal posted back in July (available at the cheaper AUD$20), but this time this boxset has been updated to include the recently released on Blu-ray version of Scarface.

The boxset includes the following movies:

  • American Gangster
  • Carlito's Way
  • Casino
  • Public Enemies
  • Scarface (new)

Amazon UK has the same boxset for about $20 more.

Aus is in the same Blu-ray region as the UK, so no problems here.

(I've seen this same boxset at a similar price earlier in the month at Zavvi, but it went up recently and I regretted not getting it then, but it just came back down again, and it's actually 4p cheaper that what it was before, from £17.99 to £17.95)

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    5 of my favourite movies ever!
    Great collection and a fair upgrade over the DVD versions if you haven't transitioned to BR yet(I'm still stuck in the DVD era for now).


    Oh man..i remember posting this.Packaging is a bit flimsy though.

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    Still not 'Ultimate' set without GoodFellas & Donnie Drasco


    I ordered mine this morning …gr8 deal …but the CC via Paypal was debited $22.16 .. so im even biggerly stoked :-)


    are you sure you didn't have some left over funds in paypal? that's what happened to me last time. What's the shipping on these and do they discount the VAT?


      Shipping is £0.99 per order I think, and no, VAT doesn't get discounted. But this price is a lot cheaper than Amazon UK's (even after VAT is removed), and I think dvd.co.uk only has the old box set, the one without Scarface, and it's still almost £3 more after removing VAT.

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