Where Can I Get a Good Price for iPhone 11 or XS

My daughter want an Iphone to replace her old one.
I've search the web such as School locker, Kogan HN, Good guys.
It seem like Kogan is the best place to go.
For the IPhone XS it's $999.

Would you recommend anywhere else?


  • Probably next month or two when the iPhone 12 series is announced.

    Don't buy expensive stuff from Kogan, not worth the minimal savings to have dodgy grey market products and awful customer service if something goes wrong.

    • Thanks Hybroid
      I'll ask my daughter to see if she can wait for about a month.
      She can use my old Samsung s7 for now..

  • David Jones has Gold Xs 64Gb for $997.

  • Very intrigued what the price will drop to for the XS when the new phones come out, especially considering the rumours of four tiers at four price points.
    I struggle to see the price for the new 12 pro and pro max being more expensive than the existing generation which brings two models in somewhere in between.
    Exciting times ahead ozbargainers.

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    Facebook marketplace or gumtree
    Make sure you pick up and pay cash for the phone
    Any ones selling them with shipping and bank deposit as the payment is usually 99% a scam

    • Future blocked IMEI.

      Not worth it

      • Nah, i have bought 50 plus iPhones/iPads over the years off gumtree, never had a problem. Just Got to know what you are doing.

    • Thanks Laying Eggs
      I agree with MS Paint, I'm very reluctant to use Gum tree or FB market place as it an expensive item, I don't want to take the risk of something might go wrong and can't return it.

  • @NightVision try Apple refurbished page: https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished/iphone

    Refurbished means Apple have done full repairs and they send with full 1 year insurance. Iphone XS is going about $699 but I'd still wait for the 12 to come out. Prices normally drop another $100 or so

    • Thanks Nikeipt
      I've bought one already at costco. Asked my daughter to wait for the 12 come out, so the XS price could come down or we could buy the IPhone 12 if it similar price but she preferred to have a phone now… :(