Buying RAM Compatibility Check with Experts?

I currently have Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory
I would like to add some RGB lighting to my stock.

Would this be ok with my Gigabyte x570 motherboard?


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    1. Yes

    2. You are going to spend $220 on adding RGB to your RAM?? Please hand in your OzBargain card.

    • i agree, i should be sacked and banned from OZB

      • I mean if you really want RGB, just buy some LED strips or similar.

        • ok sure, thought of adding some color and some memory as well.

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    what is the go with the RGB addiction?

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    If you wanted RGB you can justs go to Aliexpress and searched for RGB light strips, they don't appear to be that expensive for a decent length. Maybe around $15~25 depending on the type

    RGB is a waste of power anyway, I prefer less RGB to reduce overall system power consumption. Sitting at 150 watt usage for both my desktop and LCD monitor currently which I take into consideration when for business related tax deduction.

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      great point thanks.

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    Would this be ok with my Gigabyte x570 motherboard

    The rule these days with RAM is that it will always work (of course, desktop DDR4 is desktop DDR4) but want you want to check is if the RAM will overclock to faster speeds and tighter timings. For that, you check your motherboard manufacturers website, and they list if they've tested that particular RAM module.

  • Youtube someone elses RGB and enjoy it. Lets your monitor do all the damage to your eyes.

    Adalight on aliexpress will give you a great effect behind your monitor.

  • I would pay more money for non rgb components. I don't even want s window on my case.