What Is Everyones Experience with Bingle?

Read through a few threads regarding Bingle Car Insurance

Would just like to get some feedback on those who are/ have used Bingle and how the company is holding up in 2020?

Been quoting around and Bingle has been the cheapest by far, but just want a few more opinions.

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  • question 1, do you have current insurance on your car?

    • It's for an upcoming car purchase

      edit: so I've just been quoting with a brand new car

      • how many claims did you have with your last vehicle?
        a lot of these cheap insurers won't insure you if you have 2-3+ claims previously.

        • 0 claims, are you currently with Bingle?

          • @IceCreamsss: no i have too many claims.
            im with allianz

  • Whats your car worth?

    • looking around 40-50k

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        Bingle cuts every single possible corner and moves fast, but does a quality guaranteed repair.

        But if you want the 'la di da' treatment and just ultra premium service, need to go another insurer

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    Meant to be all good until you make a claim going by the reviews.

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      i made an MS Paint drawing you'd be proud of.

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        It's very good. Maybe explore the use of colours in future diagrams. 8/10

  • I'm with Bingle and my car was totaled (other driver at fault), had no troubles apart from the repairer taking a week to confirm the car was a financial write off.

  • -1

    I read the entire thread before realising this wasn't about me and Lara…


  • Do you need to consider other drivers? Cheap insurers limit who can drive the vehicle and be covered.

    Is saving a few $ on insurance and potentially causing headaches if claiming worth it for a $40k investment?

    I have cheap insurance (comprehensive) for our second car, but can afford the risk of headaches with a claim as I have had one claim this century. Also no one else drives it other than my wife who is a listed driver.

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    I've been with Bingle in the past and made an at fault claim with them once. Can't complain/No issues.

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    Had Bingle Comprehensive a long time ago (around 10years ago I think). Was in an accident but not at fault. They tried to charge me the excess until they were able to claim back from other persons insurance even though they weren’t paying for repairs, other insurer was. I ended up going direct to the other persons insurer, so Bingle wasn’t much use. Changed to less budget insurer after.

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    I have been with bingle for more than 2 years now and initially switched over because they gave a competitive quote (for a budget comp insurance policy). But I have an older 07 honda so I was comfortable with it. Looking back now after making one at-fault claim in 2019 with minor damage my experience below:

    • you must go with their service centre for repairs and for me it was S.M.A.R.T Centre – St Marys.
    • customer service in person and over the phone was pleasant, I was offered a free uber to a train station so that I could get to work and also when i collected my car
    • dropped car in on monday, repairs completed and I had my car back following tuesday
    • happy with the new bumper and bonnet panels, paint job and fit was satisfactory.
    • drove out with a non-functional windscreen wipers but went back immediately and they refitted them and checked, was working and happy.

    I would probably go with another insurer in the future mainly due to being able to choose the repairer and have it closer my home/work for logistical convenience but cannot complain about anything major otherwise. My premium did not go up significantly this year, but that could be across the board due to COVID…
    Hope that helps. I would suggest going with a bigger company for a $40-50K value car personally.

    • Very informative, thank you!

  • I am with Bingle but never had to claim anything.

  • Bingle is owned by Suncorp insurance. Enough said.

    The problem I have with Suncorp is the way they supply second hand parts for repairs (they keep written off cars for parts in warehouses)

    No choice of repairer not worth it imho.

    Only company owned by Suncorp that lets you choose your repairer etc is Shannons but can be pricey if you don’t have a car they generally insure (collectors and enthusiast cars)

  • I am with bingle and have a third party insurance. When I got into an accident where it wasn't my fault, you have no kind of support. Better get another budget insurance imho.