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Logitech G502 Hero Wired RGB Gaming Mouse $89 Delivered @ PCByte


HERO 16K Sensor, Adjustable Weight, 11 Fully Programmable Buttons, 16,000 DPI, Customizable RGB lighting

The Logitech G502 HERO now only $89 delivered from our store. Enjoy!

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  • Already got one at home…

    We don't need another HERO… ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


    11 Fully Programmable Buttons

    how can you use 11 buttons when you only have 5 fingers?

  • I've got one of these. Good mouse for big hands. The thumb side buttons are really handy.

  • Any upcoming deal for a wireless gaming mouse?

  • Great mouse, personally have owned 3 of these so far. I would keep recommending to get it, while it works without any hitches it works really well for what it's worth. Very comfortable in my hand - I have a fairly big hand.

    Known issue with this mouse is failure of the microswitches for the clicks unfortunately. You'll eventually experience either the left, right, or both clicks quality degrade significantly. The mouse I am using right now (my 2nd owned one - my 3rd owned one is being used by my partner) has started to do double clicks randomly, it's pretty frustrating when this happens. Right now it happens maybe 10-20 times a day so it is still bearable but inconvenient, eventually it does get to the point where it happens a lot more frequently and it's time for a replacement. I think it has something to do with the angle pressing it, but I haven't been patient enough to figure that one out either - and not going to learn a weird way to press the mouse button just to deal with a faulty microswitch haha. First mouse failed in a similar way out of warranty. Not sure if this one is gone enough to claim warranty on it yet.

    • Sounds like a great mouse plagued by a massive design flaw.
      I personally am going to avoid buying an item that seems guaranteed to die faster than usual
      I had a g9x for about 10 years (got it when it was brand new) before a single issue showed up so I guess logitech have become complacent in their years
      Looking around its a common complaint too.

  • You can price beat at OW for a total price of $80.15 using the amazon link from @RichardL

  • we should really stop buying from amazon. bad warehouse practices and world's biggest and richest company just taking advantage too much from aussie market