eBay Seller Ships Anyway despite My Cancel Request

Looking for advice or a sense of if I am the arsehole.

Bought a refurbished older phone off an ebay seller 5000+ ratings 98.4%.

Seller indicates no returns

21 Aug-20 18:54 AEST - Bought the item
22-Aug-20 14:58 AEST - I realise I don't want this. I put in a return request and a personal message asking to cancel 19 hours after paying.
26-Aug-20 12:13 AEST - 4 days after my cancel request they close my return request, do not reply to my message and ship the item.

I feel kind of mad and am thinking of refusing the item and then initiating a chargeback.

What do you guys think?

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  • Its not the seller's fault that you changed your mind. So unfair to the seller.

  • Offer to pay a 10% restocking fee. It's only fair since they have lost a legitimate sale from your mistake.

  • OP is the problem with Ebay these days. No returns means no returns.

    Unless it's damaged or not as described, you don't have a leg to stand on.

  • yta

  • If you don't cancel within approximately 1 hour of payment your purchase would most likely have already started to be processed.

    The following day is much too late to cancel just because of buyer's remorse.

    What acceptable reason will you give to your bank to initiate a chargeback OP?

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      What acceptable reason will you give to your bank to initiate a chargeback OP?

      i don't want it, i had a hissy fit on ozbargain

      OP, once you get it, dont open and try your chances by asking the seller if you can return it for a refund.
      but really you should always double or even triple check you want an item from a seller who states no returns.

      am i the only one who has never returned an ebay item in my life?????

  • "What do you guys think?"

    Dont think much of you really…

  • PayPal fee is non refundable,so seller lose 30 cents plus 2.6% of the total amount.

    I think you need to offer some sort of compensation if you need to cancel.

    • are you sure? Has this changed recently? As I thought if you offered a refund the paypal fee was refunded as well?

      • I am sure this change has taken place in 2019

        • Darn… Not that I do many refunds. I'm going to have to have a look into this now.

          Wouldn't shock me, paypal likes to get its money either way!

          • @JimmyF: I quit selling on eBay partly because on this. Selling fee is like 13-14%

            • @SnoozeAndLose: Yeah the 14% really adds up fast, and everyone wants 'free' shipping, which there is no such thing!

              But Australia wide pool of buyers is nice, just need to be aware of the costs. I sell a bit from time to time, but it would be a hard way to make a living, so cut throat!

  • I realise I don't want this.

    So you had a…….gasp…… change of mind AFTER purchase?

    You need to have a read of this


    Generally, a store does not have to give a refund or replacement if a customer simply changes their mind about a product.

  • Did you write and get a response? What time was it posted, see if it was posted after cancelling (you can tell by tracking number)

  • You made an impulse buy.
    18 hours later you finally decide you dont want it.
    Think about it ….
    Learn the lesson and dont be so quick to hit that buy button.

  • I have just cancelled something wirhin 30 minutes of buying, and sent a message. Bit worried it will be sent anyway

  • Please close your eBay account.

    • you dont know the full circumstances. The picture showed a shade of makeup colour, that I then checked and it is probably much darker and I cant wear it. So to be on the safe side I asked about the shade picture and then cancelled as they didnt reply yet.. Its their fault for putting the wrong picture. they have another one that might suit but I cant order until I can speak to them now

      • Woah I think you forgot to sign into your other account there pam.

      • From your comment above, you said

        have just cancelled something wirhin 30 minutes of buying, and sent a message. Bit worried it will be sent anyway

        So let's see, you purchased, then changed your mind, sent a message and didn't get a response, so requested to cancel all within 30 mins of buying after business hours?

  • Ebay will not even allow you to leave negative feedback, it you have a return request denied. It happened to me before

  • Take it from the point of view of the seller.

    1. A buyer makes a purchase of your product
    2. You receive payment minus the paypal and merchant fees incurred in the eBay transaction
    3. You put in the order of the product and have your warehouse staff deliver the order quickly so that you can keep up the "top rated seller" rating and 5-star review for quick deliveries
    4. 1 full business day later, the Buyer changes mind about purchase citing "oops, I don't want it after all"
    5. If you cancel the transaction not only do you have to intercept the delivery that's already gone out your shop floor / warehouse /whatever, but you also do not get back the merchant and PP fees that was charged. I believe the fee is somewhere around 3-4%.
    6. You make the choice to either eat that fee and make a loss because someone changed their mind on a whim, or you charge them a restocking fee so you don't make that loss, or you say 'tough luck' because you already fulfilled your end of the bargain and delivered the goods.

    So the next time a seller accepts your change of mind return, particular if they are an online-only merchant, consider that they are doing it out of goodwill and not out of legal obligation.

    Because there are no laws in Australia stating that change of mind returns must be accepted
    If you want the change-of-mind perk probably best to stick with brick and mortar shopping like ALDI.

  • There is no obligation for the seller to accept a cancellation request.
    Each seller sets their own return and refund policy so check it up before purchasing

  • Don't 2nd guess yourself, your sense is spot on!

  • My seller has changed the title of the ad, putting the name of the shade, but not bother to reply to me. I sent them a picture of the real colour of the shade and asked them again to reply

  • This happens and it can be annoying.

    Sometimes your "request" is seen too late as the processing of your item had already commenced.

    You simply wait for the item to arrive, (do not open… got that) and simply write return to sender.

    You notify the seller of your actions… once they receive item… you get a refund

  • They sent it anyway, AFTER changing the title of the ad. they are now replying to me saying sorry, we will change the pictures, we offer you 10% to keep the item. Problem is I cant keep it as I cant wear it I have just replied it is going to have to be returned

  • as he already initiated a return he may not be able to leave neg feedback. I couldnt. I got ripped $800. That will make some people happy

  • Seller is a prick, and TIL ozbargain forums are a cesspool of toxicity.

    The seller had 4 days to check his messages and respond, well beyond reasonable.

    They could've defused the situation by just accepting the cancellation and getting everything refunded (except 30 (profanity) cents, big deal, nobody's going hungry over this) - everyone goes on with their lives as if nothing happened.

    • The seller is not obligated to cancel/refund nor lose revenue and/or potential costs. This includes any disruptions to automated processes they may have which hinder cancelling a change of mind request. You may not like it but that's the reality.

      Returns policies are clearly displayed and there's confirmations you click through when purchasing from eBay to confirm you want to enter into a purchase contract for the item.

      • you can't seem to differentiate between legal obligations and being kind human beings, just like most of the commentators above.

        • That's subjective. Being a kind human being is not changing your mind on a product purchase affecting a seller's revenue and processes when they have clearly outlined no returns. It can go both ways. Maybe you don't consider sellers are human too is the problem.

          • @Hybroid: This is not even about returns, no logistical fees have been paid, and in the worst case, OP paid with paypal, who will keep $0.30 but fully refund the rest.

            I run a business as well and would take a $0.30 hit any day to keep my customers happy and returning (and avoid the risk of a much costlier chargeback, too). That's just a business cost. If $0.30 makes or breaks a business, they have more serious things to worry about.