Building a Hackintosh/Ryzentosh (ie Macos Running on AMD Ryzen)

Further to asking some questions in a post I posted back in June, I thought that I would provide a fresh update.

Yes I have succeeded in building an AMD based Ryzen 7 PC that runs both MacOS Catalina and Windows 10. My main purpose, was that the iMac was struggling, and MacOS is generally not as easy to use as Windows these days. Howver I like Final Cut, as well as Logic Pro. Both so far appear ro run flawlessly on the Mac side.
After doing some research, and watching some YT videos, I made the plunge, albeit with a few hiccups here and there. It looks like my 'MacOS' BT adapter is not fully compatible with MacOS, or it could be my Denon BT headphones (c/o Ozbargain ;-)).

It's fairly basic, but minus the monitor was @ $1000-1100 including 2 x Kingston A2000 500GB SSD drives. I used a Gigabyte B450M Aorus mainboard (though I had to put a $19 TPlink Lan card in), and I am running a TPLink AC1300 USB for Wifi.
Most of the gear came thru Amazon, and took less than a week , though some prices were cheaper at NewEgg (but 2 to 4 weeks) etc.

Anyway, I have the best of both worlds now.

For anyone wanting any advice, let me know and I'll put you on to the what I have found/discovered that works best. '
The best site I have found so far (as well as Youtube) is, which has a good forum. I found some other sites like TonyMac ban you for a short time if you use/mention AMD.

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    sorry but i think im missing the point, apart from the money savings of making a hackintosh what is the other point?

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      thats a good point right there, why do you need another one?

    • What an egg eyeroll.

  • My imac is mid 2011 and my 8gb macbook air is 2013. An i7 27in imac is $3100 . I bought an Acer 31.5in curved screen for $350 with 3 yr wty. My Ryzen 7 would beat the imac on performance and price for half the price. I'm sick of paying the Tim Cook tax, when they could solve a lot of world problems with their exhorbitant profits, made from slave labour at Foxconn.

    • Furthermore, i have been using the logic since it was clab notator on my atari 1040 ste in the early 90s. Then on windows 20 years ago, until Apple bought logic about 12 years ago,. The selfish bastards discontinued the windows version, so i had to convert, but run 2 computers. 1 for music, and 1 for everything else.
      Now that cubase has become more powerful i will eventually convert, but i like the drumming module on logic. So i then have to look at toon tracks etc.

      Though, i do like final cut as well. :)

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        Well done. I'm hoping that the upgrade over to Big Sur will also be achievable when its publicly released

        I'm just wondering why you went with AMD over Intel? The general consensus is that Intel is more compatible with Macs/Hackintosh since that's the gear that Apple uses in their equipment. Have you had any issues with hibernation/sleep and is there a reason that you went AMD over Intel?

        • There have been a few videos, running BigSur with AMD.

          I went with AMD mainly value for money. If it didn't work, I would just run Windows on it and buy Cubase & Toon tracks.

          I have had it take forever , or not wake on a few occasions. It hasn't been my priority, to work on that yet . One of my big issues was I initially installed it on a slower 500gb 2.5" SSD, as my A2000 took @ 2 weeks to be deliveres (Thanks Centre.Com), whereas the one from Shopping Express took 2 days (I ordered that a few weeks after).

          I had a few issues with my BT adapter, but I ran a new script on it in Windows, and appears to be working fully now. This was also a cause of some intermittent issues with my Logitech K600 Keyboard/Trackpad, with my other mice.

  • Congratulations, and thanks for the Info. If I ever attempt a Ryzen build I will definitely hit you up.
    I spent about 10 years building/using Hackintoshes (Intel) for software development, until the last few years bit the bullet and started buying genuine, so have perspective from both sides.
    IMHO It's worth trying, and if it doesn't work out and/or you can't live with any things that aren't 'seamless', at the very least you can more easily justify the exorbitant cost of genuine.

    • I'm still a noob. LOL, but I'll help where possible.
      Technolli on Youtube, TechTunerLife are good channels.
      There is also one on YT by Morgonaut which is also cool.

      Adobe is an issue with AMD, but I saw on Morgonaut that it will run.

  • On a side note, on Geekbench, you can view my results, and compare them.
    Single Core is 1216
    Multi-Core is 6297.

    On Single-Core, my Ryzentosh is up there with i7 & i9

    Multi-core is not far behind the i9's, but above the i7s.

    Today I ordered a Radeon RX580 8GB for $245 from Amazon (Thank you Austin & Ozbargain)

  • Here is an update. There is a great step by step tutorial on Youtube for anyone looking at taking the plunge.

    Also TonyMAc have relented and now support AMD Processors (they would ban AMD users from posting).

    There is a forum dedicated to Ryzentosh which is also useful, as well as the guide on Dortania