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LEGO 75292 Star Wars Mandalorian The Razor Crest $169 @ Kmart (In Store Only)


Just released, appears cheaper than anywhere else that I've seen. It's $199 at Target.com.au. Available September 1 on Lego.com, but cannot pre order.

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  • Was it actually available to order, or are you just advising it appears Kmart will be selling it cheaper on release?

    • I just bought one from Kmart.

      • Nice, unfortunately says it's out of stock now.

        • I'd suggest keep trying today, based on my previous Kmart online experience.

          • @BargainBuzz:

            I'd suggest keep trying today,

            Doubtful the online store will suddenly receive more stock.

            There seems to be about 3 or 4 stores in all of Australia that have in-store stock.

  • Wasn't available to order today I think? Seems like a placeholder - no stores have stock

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      I just bought one - I can't attest to if its related to what state you're in, I'm in VIC.

      • Pickup or Delivery?

        • I can add to cart, checkout and get delivery. I'm in NSW

          • @pbandjace: strange what postcode? I get "This popular item has sold out online"

            • @cyrax83: Sorry, my bad. The postcode was automatically 3000 when I checked out then changed out of stock when I put my NSW postcode in so probs Vic only!

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                @pbandjace: Bloody Victorians ruining it for the rest of us yet again!! :P

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                  @JohnoAU: If it helps, it'll probably arrive covered in COVID.

            • @cyrax83: Same, on both the desktop site and mobile site.

        • Free delivery for me for orders over $40. Not sure if that's just VIC.

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    I'd suggest anyone wanting this set for Christmas buy it as soon as they can (even at RRP). Given the demand for this set and the supply issues in Australia I think this will be very difficult to find in stock for the rest of this year.

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      This. I was going to be excited to get it for $200, and expected that I would have to pay scalp-bay prices. So chuffed to have picked one up.

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        Glad someone else got one! Congrats

    • Yeah, I hope you are wrong but I suspect you aren't.

      I have been keeping an eye on the 75280 - 501st Legion™ Clone Troopers set and that has been pretty popular even without discounts. I expect this set to be at least as popular as that set.

  • Was able to find (low) stock (2 left?) at Sunnybank QLD. This kit will not stick around, given the hype I anticipate this will be in extremely high demand. This is the way.

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      This is the way.

    • Doesnt appear to be in stock at Sunnybank any more either :(

      • Try phoning.

  • Available September 1 on Lego.com, but cannot pre order.

    Actually OP, you could pre-order from Lego as a VIP member (a few months back), but that window was tiny and, due to demand, slammed shut ridiculously fast.

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      I almost pulled the trigger at $199 when it was the Star Wars May 4 weekend, they had double VIP points going. Soon after they stopped taking pre orders.

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    And so it begins "Brand new, sealed box, not released yet and will be very hard to find once released. Taking offers till the end of the day. PM offers", this is NOT the way!!

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      Brickhawk+Afterpay=scalper's dream come true.

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    I cannot + you enough good sir. Been waiting for this to launch on Lego.com, so snagged a delivery (however slow VIC Kmart is right now).

    • You're welcome, it's good to give back to the OzB community after lurking here for months.

  • surprisingly got one as well. order went thru. here in Melbourne.

    • my order got cancelled. =(

  • No stock at all the stores I have rung in northern brisbane

  • Boo…just got a refund for cancelled order…

    • Went to my local kmart and got mine. Apparently they only just arrived in the stores from yesterday. And some stores have not had there delivery yet

  • Just got mine from Kmart Bankstown (NSW), was still 3 left on the shelf when I left.

  • Got one instore, despite the "out of stock" level. Probably best to check with your store and see if they have stock since it's now showing up.

  • Was able to just order online.
    Let's see if it's cancelled.

    • Cancelled :'-(

  • My shipping info. was just sent to Kmart, so mine's looking positive. Good luck to all those that got an order in.

  • Thanks OP. Picked up from Top Ryde today. Called ahead and asked them to hold, and they agreed (which was a pleasant surprise!).

  • KMart Hornsby has 4 left on the shelf (it was 5 before I got there). This despite their website indicating no stock today, but low stock over the weekend. There was nothing on shelf when I went in on Saturday, so it's probably worth checking your local again.

  • Bought 2 $100 Catch cards at 15% off and bought it from Target at the same price.

  • FYI my wife was down at Marion in SA last night, K Mart were out of stock but she went to Target and they had it and price matched the 169 price.

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