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Makeup and Vanity Set VIP Synthwave Bundle - US$3 (~A$4.15) Minimum @ Groupees


Makeup and Vanity Set is a popular American synthwave artist returning to Groupees with a special VIP bundle. The physical tiers have already sold out but the digital tiers are still available and 20% of your payment will be donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $3 minimum you get:

Pris (EP)
Roy (EP)
Run (EP)
Mother (EP)
Simulation II (single)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Overpass (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (album)
Overpass Production Kit

For $10 minimum you also get:

88:88 (album)
Darker Colors (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (EP)
Foyer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (EP)
Hit TV (album)
Manifold (EP)
Jogger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (EP)
Mather (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (album)

For $15 minimum you also get:

A Neverending Beam of Light (single)
Aegeus (single)
Contact (Rework) (single)
Eudoxus (EP)
Mir (single)
Moonphase I (single)
Moonphase II (single)
Premoci (single)
Quantum I (single)
Quantum II (single)
Shovivavost/Mantra (single)
Sine, Fold (single)
Takt (single)
The Information Age (single)
Tsiolkovskij Australis (single)

For $20 minimum you also get:

A Prayer (single)
Awakenings (single)
Diogenes (single)
Labyrinth (single)
Moonphase III (single)
Moonphase IV (single)
Obet (single)
Piques (single)
Quantum III (single)
Quantum IV (single)
Simulation I (single)
Symbiosis (single)
Tanagra (single)
Trig (single)
Zytel Systems: System I - Horror (album)
Wilderness, Epilogue (album)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $2,500 you will also get:

Zytel Systems: System II - DX (album)

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