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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Training 2020 A$10.99 (Ratings 4.7- 8,873) @ Udemy


Great course from Instructor Neal Davis (4.6 Stars) at cheapest price with so many reviews.
Course Ratings: 4.7 (8,873 ratings)

Enjoy :)

This Ultimate Exam Training for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is packed with comprehensive video lessons, hands-on labs, practice exams, quizzes, exam-crams and detailed training notes/cheat sheets! If you are new Amazon Web Services / Cloud Computing and looking to confidently pass your AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam first time - then this bestselling ALL-IN-ONE AWS training course is for you!


There are many FREE previews so you can see how we teach the CLF-C01 exam blueprint using a combination of theoretical lectures and guided practical hands-on labs.

HIGHLY FLEXIBLE COURSE STRUCTURE: We understand that not everyone has the time to go through lengthy lectures. That’s why we give you options to maximize your time efficiency and accommodate different learning styles

THEORY LECTURES: You can move quickly through the course focusing on the theory lectures that are 100% conform with the CLF-C01 exam blueprint - everything you need to know to pass your exam first attempt

GUIDED HANDS-ON EXERCISES: To gain more practical experience with AWS services, you have the option to explore our guided hands-on exercises

EXAM-CRAM LECTURES: Get through the key exam facts in the shortest time possible with our exam-cram lectures that you’ll find at the end of each section

HIGH-QUALITY VISUALS: We've spared no effort to create a highly visual training course with lots of table and graphs to illustrate the concepts. All practical exercises are backed by logical diagrams so you can visualize what we're building.

120 QUIZ QUESTIONS: At the end of each section you get to review your knowledge with a total of 120 unique questions that test your understanding and measure your progress

2 FULL-LENGTH PRACTICE TESTS: Simulate the real exam with 2 full-length Practice Tests. The 130 unique practice questions are timed and scored mimicking the real exam environment so you get familiar with the AWS exam format, style and difficulty.

DETAILED EXPLANATIONS & REFERENCE LINKS: Every question includes deep-dive reference links and detailed explanations that explain why each answer is correct or incorrect

BONUS CHEAT SHEETS: Fast-track your exam success with our bestselling eBook (registration required) and take your studies offline with over 200 pages of detailed facts, tables and diagrams.

PRESENTED IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: Your instructor uses clear and easy to understand language and presents the material in a professional way - focused and to the point with professional subtitles

ACCESS DIAGRAMS, SLIDES AND EXAM CRAM PDF: All diagrams and slides presented throughout the course are available for download in PDF format. Use the Exam Cram document for last-minute exam preparation

ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our teachings reflect the latest CLF-C01 exam blueprint. All students have lifetime access to all future updates

RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts comprehensively respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback

ACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD: Join the discussion on AWS related topics in our discussion forum where our students share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were covered

MOBILE ACCESS: Study on the go and access all resources from your mobile phone - anywhere, anytime

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  • You can also do the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials online course for free on aws.training


  • What is pre-requisite knowledge required for this certification? Is basic IT knowledge enough?

    • it says none.
      But you should have some understanding of IT infrastructure.
      Don’t need to be aware of other technologies to follow through the course and they also have money back guarantee within a month.

    • There are no pre-reqs but you should have some high level knowledge in IT and ideally work in the IT industry. If you already have experience in AWS then you won't even need to pay for these courses, just the standard free course materials provided by Amazon will be enough to get you pass the exam.

  • I dont have it. So it prolly has never been free and this may be the cheapest price indeed!

  • What is the best "path"/field for a jump into a self taught IT career in 2020? Web development, cloud, cyber security ? What's in demand and accessible without a degree? Dreading my career in health and seriously considering a change during this covid downtime. I'm utilizing udemy and maybe even considering coding boot camps etc.

    • Hi, saw this comment and thought I would give you my opinion.

      IT in general has very low barriers of entry, especially with regards to technical roles. At the same time IT is very broad, you have technical people - then within that there is all sorts of tech, i.e. help desk, desktop support, infrastructure, network, cloud, security, unix etc, you have business analysts, project managers, people who do things like security compliance, people who do documentation, people who specialize in reporting, developers (full stack, front end, back end, mobile, web etc) then some creative stuff like UI/UX, not to mention the people who do specialist stuff like Salesforce, SAP, different types of databases, the list can go on I am sure.

      The majority of this can be done without any relevant tertiary education (except maybe business analyst/project management in most cases unless you have a lot of experience) but the main issue is experience. You probably won't get into most of that without relevant experience.

      Technical stuff is the easiest to get into, easy to get into a help desk position with no experience, once your foot is in the door you start getting exposed to other stuff and in the right company you can progress quite easily if you are good at your job.

      At the same time though, whilst you could do it, only do it if you are passionate about it and not just because you dread your current career.

      I've been doing this for 15+ years with no tertiary education and I can quite quickly tell who is going to make it and who isn't, you can just tell, IT is full of plodders, people who aren't necessarily bad at anything but they're not good at anything either, so they just plod along aimlessly, meanwhile the ones that really excel stick out like a sore thumb and can quite quickly progress their careers.

      So yes you can get into it with no education but you will probably have to start at the bottom rung in the tech space and use that as a stepping stone to gain exposure to other areas of IT that actually interest you.

    • Generally need tertiary education, unless you work your way from the bottom from IT support and are good and lucky enough to somehow get a developer position. Maybe 15 years ago you could get into IT easy without a tertiary education but not these days.

    • Find a medium sized business that needs something you can do, then play the wizard who is gatekeeper to their systems and just coast through life until that business goes under.

    • Hello Bigredkeg,
      I almost had same question. I am over qualified :)
      I think it’s more like which field you working. I have seen most of the IT people have just the diploma but are at the very high level. It’s more about experience everywhere. I personally felt no use of doing AWS as just to start a career unless you want to spent a year or couple of years in studying. It huge demand and will be in future too but I think there is no entry level jobs for this by itself. Lets say I do AWS devops and even manage to learn all those kerbenetes puppet and different stuff associated but will anyone hire me. I doubt it because all those job description needs like 5+ some 10 years of experience. What I learnt is the early you go into the closely related work is better and continue to learn. For myself, I found web developer suits me. You can atleast show your portfolio and stuff like that. As said by Negargains there are so many things just in IT. If you have eye in designing, you can be UI/UX pictorial way of website which then coder turns into website. We have platform like this write your scenario in the discussion forms and people will help you out.
      All the best!

  • Sure sounds profesh as

  • 4.7 out of a possible 8,873 sounds like a pretty low rating.